DragonVale – How to Breed a Double Rainbow Dragon

In DragonVale for the iPhone and iPad, the Double Rainbow Dragon is the rarest of the epic rare dragons in the game.

The Double Rainbow Dragon has a breeding time of 60 hours, sells for 3,125,000 coins, and gives 125,000 XP upon successful breeding at level 11.

Breeding a Double Rainbow Dragon uses the exact same breeding method as the Rainbow Dragon, though it is even more rare. You need to breed two dragons that have a total of at least four different elements combined. For example, a Glacier Dragon has Earth and Cold elements, while a Firefly Dragon has Fire and Lightning elements, so this combination has a chance to produce a Rainbow Dragon. There is no guarantee however, since it is still a rare random chance.

Breeding two Rainbow Dragons together however will always result in another Rainbow Dragon, so you can use this as a farming technique to sell them and make quite a bit of money.

Check out my DragonVale Breeding Guide for more dragon breeding combinations.

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