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DragonVale: Cheats, Tips, Guides, & More

In DragonVale for the Android & iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), information is key. You don’t want to just breed your dragons randomly to see what you get, since they can take so long to breed and hatch.

With that in mind, I have compiled this list of cheats, tips, and guides to help you on your way to breeding more dragons in less time.

DragonVale Cheats, Tips, & Guides

DragonVale Breeding Guide – This is my complete guide to breeding in DragonVale. I update this guide frequently with new breeding combinations, new seasonal dragons, new rare dragons, etc. This will be your go-to guide for all of your breeding needs.

How to Make Easy Money in DragonVale – This guide will help you make more money, giving you the best breeding combinations for the highest money making dragons.

DragonVale Gemstone Dragons Guide – This guide is all Gemstone Dragons, all the time. This lists all of the Gemstone Dragon recipes as they come out.

How to Get Free Gems in DragonVale – This started out as a simple guide to getting free gems in DragonVale, and has morphed into a page with over 600 comments of people giving their gamecenter id’s to add friends. Leave a comment there to get easy friends and a lot more gems.

How to Add Friends to Gamecenter – Need to know how to add friends to Gamecenter for your DragonVale account? Look no further.

Olympic Dragons Guide – Whenever the Olympics come around, there are of course Olympic Dragons that can be bred. This is the complete guide to all Olympic Dragons.

How to Get More Islands in DragonVale – Need more islands? This guide gives you all the info you need.

Want more? Go to my DragonVale page for links to all of our DragonVale articles.

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