Donkey Kong Country Returns: How to Get Hard to Reach KONG Letters and Puzzle Pieces

In Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii, there are some KONG letters and Puzzle Pieces that appear to be impossible to reach, since you’ll fall to your doom if you jump or float to them with Diddy Kong’s jet pack. So how exactly do you get them you ask?

There’s a move you can do to jump in the air, but it can only be done while rolling. Using either Diddy Kong or Donkey Kong, if you shake the remotes while running you’ll do a roll move. If you roll off of a ledge, you’ll notice that you can do a single jump in the air after you roll off of the ledge.

To get the hard to reach pieces, simply roll off of the ledge and let yourself fall a little bit (the pieces are usually slightly lower than the ledge), then jump back up to safety once you have the piece. This is a bit safer using Diddy Kong, or using Donkey Kong with Diddy Kong on his back so you can use the jet pack after your jump just in case.

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