Does the Google Nexus 7 Have HDMI Out?

A lot of people seem to be concerned whether the Google Nexus 7 tablet by Asus has an HDMI port, or if it supports MHL (mobile high-def link) to mirror the screen to another device.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have either, however for the $199 price tag for the 8 gig or $249 for the 16 gig, it’s still hard to complain. It wasn’t really a factor at all when I bought mine, after all if I want to watch a movie on my big screen, I’ll watch it on Blue-Ray, or Netflix, etc. I didn’t buy it as a movie player for my house after all.

There is an option for some basic streaming however. A friend of mine over at posted an article for connecting the nexus to a tv using a free app called Wi-Fi Media made by Cavium (I had to search for Cavium on on the tablet to find it for some reason), along with an HTC Medialink HD.

You still can’t stream from YouTube and such using this, but it will allow you to stream movies and music on your tablet, etc. I haven’t personally used it yet, but I’ve seen some mixed reviews saying that it works, and it’s probably the cheapest way to get it done as well.

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  1. Fudgeman says

    Its a big deal for me too. So bummed that there is no way to do this. I was going to buy a samsung galaxy 2 7″ until i found out that the hdmi port WILL NOT work for some effed up reason. so the only option in a 7″ tab for a reasonable price is the kindle fire HD 7″ I am a tablet noob so I am just finding all this out and am also frustrated that I have to deal with amazon’s skin or version of android or however you describe it and that the kindle is good bit less responsive. but honestly, because of the hdmi issue, Its looks like the only option in a 7″ tab is the kindle. I would be willing to buy a dock mind you. no problem to pay extra for that but the new dock that came out for the nexus 7 doesnt have hdmi!!!! wtf??? so frustrating. I can understand not including it to keep costs down but then at least sell us a freaking dock or an adapter or something. sigh…… I guess I have to wait.

  2. vinay says

    More than likely, it isnt even a hardware issue (there are some MHL, micro USB to HDMI adapters out there) and is probably only a software feature (or lack of it) in the Nexus tablets for the port driver to support MHL.

  3. Jon says

    I’m shopping for my first tablet and HDMI is a big deal for me. A tablet is a device designed for portability, of whatever you want to do on the tablet. You can put some movies on it, and then go to your friend’s house and plug it into their tv with HDMI, and boom, you’re watching whatever you want, regardless of what their setup is. Assuming everyone has a tv with HDMI input.

    Plus if you don’t have your tv connected to the internet, this is a very easy way to do it….for watching youtube videos, video streams, etc.

    You could do this with a laptop too, but a 7 inch tablet is obviously way easier to carry around and plug in anywhere.

    It just doesn’t make any sense. Why would you not want it, if you could have it ? I believe the next version of the Nexus will have it when they realize their mistake.

    The Ainol Venus 7 is basically a Chinese Nexus 7 clone, that has HDMI and expandable memory with SD slot, and costs less. Right now I am leaning toward buying one of these. Check out the reviews on youtube.

  4. Tuner says

    The lack of hdmi IS an issue there are 200 options iconic a110 etc.
    Using 1 device IS better than using 3 even at 200. Game

    • says

      Then by all means, quit complaining and go get yourself an Iconia.. I never said having 2 or 3 devices is better than having one, my point is that having HDMI out isn’t a deal breaker for everyone like it is for you. Me, I could give a crap if it has HDMI out right now. If I want to watch a movie on my TV, why would I play it from my Nexus and not on my BluRay player?
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      • says

        It’s a massive issue, Donny. Was going to buy G Nexus tab, but not since I learn there’s no HDMI out. With such great performance, it’s such a senseless thing to exclude it. Every new pc that’s half serious now is coming with hdmi out standard, what’s a tablet but a computer without keyboard for portability and ease? So pointless that something which could effortlessly have been also a great media centre and smart tv box (it already is) for your bedroom set, home study tv, for hotels and that week long holiday rental, just is stuckin its own 7 inches. Because someone didn’t bother to fit in a few extra bits. What peope want is thatfor 30, 40, 50 dollars more, not to save their beans, or rather pay extra and have more hassle with a Roku or something. Nexus would do all of it. Can’t you see what a huge waste that is? It’s like a tech crime that that fine machine was kind of cast into the ‘don’t care about his much’ box becauseof the lack of a port which should be there.

        • says

          I understand your point, I guess my point was that it isn’t as much of a deal breaker for everyone. It wasn’t for me anyway, but I guess I have different needs for it than you do. I’m guessing that in the end it came down to them feeling like adding it wasn’t going to boost their sales enough to justify it. Who knows though honestly, the next version will probably have it.
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