Dishonored: Safe Combinations

There are a few safes in Dishonored, all with hidden clues on how to open them.

If that’s not what you’re after though and you’d rather just cut right to the chase, I’ve compiled a list of safe combinations for your safe cracking enjoyment.

This should be obvious, but the following is a huge spoiler.

Dishonored Safe Combinations

Mission 1 – Dishonored

The safe is located directly past where Corvo gets his gear
Combination: 4-5-1

Mission 2 – High Overseer Campbell

This safe is inside Dr. Galvani’s residence
Combination: 2-8-7

This isn’t a safe, but a locked kennel door in the basement of the mansion
Combination: 2-1-7

This safe is in the Barracks
Combination: 2-0-3

Mission 03 – House of Pleasure

This safe is inside the Art Dealer’s house
Combination: (randomized) 6-5-6, 6-9-6, 8-7-9, 1-3-8, or 6-7-9

Mission 04 – The Royal Physician

This safe is located in Pratchett’s House
Combination: 4-7-3

This safe is behind the painting in the wrecked building
Combination: 2-9-4

Mission 06 – Return to the Tower

This safe is in the private quarters of Lord Regent Hiram Burrows
Combination: 9-3-5

Mission 07 – The Flooded District

This safe is under water near the start of Central Rudshore
Combination: 4-2-8

This safe is in the Old Port District’s sewer
Combination: 5-2-8

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