Diablo 3: Unsupported Video Cards

Diablo 3 is finally here after years of waiting, so everyone wants to know if their PC that ran Diablo 2 is going to work (good luck guys!).

The minimum video card requirements seem a little steeper than what I expected from a top down game, but either way this is the official unsupported video card list for Diablo 3.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list. Just because you don’t see your video card listed here doesn’t mean it will work. Check my Diablo 3 supported video cards list to see if it’s there, and if it’s not on either of these then it may just be too old.

Unsupported – Poor Performance

The game may start with one of these video cards, but it may not be able to run very well, if at all.

NVIDIA Video Cards

GeForce 6600
GeForce 6610
GeForce 6700
GeForce 6800
GeForce 7500
GeForce 7600
GeForce 7650
GeForce 7800
Quadro FX 350
Quadro FX 370
Quadro FX 540
Quadro FX 550
Quadro FX 560
Quadro FX 570
Quadro FX Go 1400
Quadro NVS 120M
Quadro NVS 280
Quadro NVS 285
Quadro NVS 290
Quadro NVS 440

ATI/AMD Video Cards

ATI FireGL V5200
GS Radeon X1900 Series
Mobility FireGL V5200
Mobility FireGL V5250
Mobility Radeon X1300
Mobility Radeon X1350
Mobility Radeon X1400
Mobility Radeon X1450
Mobility Radeon X1600
Mobility Radeon X1700
Mobility Radeon X1700 XT
Mobility Radeon X1900
Radeon X1300
Radeon X1550 64-bit
Radeon X1600 Pro
Radeon X1650 Series

Unsupported – Game Won’t Start

These cards were tested and didn’t work at all.

NVIDIA Video Cards

GeForce 5200
GeForce 5500
GeForce 5600
GeForce 5700
GeForce 5800
GeForce 5900
GeForce 5950
GeForce 6100
GeForce 6100 nForce 400
GeForce 6100 nForce 405
GeForce 6100 nForce 420
GeForce 6100 nForce 430
GeForce 6150
GeForce 6150 LE
GeForce 6200
GeForce 6250
GeForce 6500
GeForce 7100
GeForce Go 6800
GeForce Go 7400

ATI Video Cards

Mobility Radeon X800 XT
Radeon 9500
Radeon 9500 PRO/9700
Radeon 9550/X1050 Series
Radeon 9600 SE
Radeon 9600 Series
Radeon 9600 XT
Radeon 9700 PRO
Radeon 9800 XT
Radeon X1200 Series
Radeon X1800 Series
Radeon X300 Series
Radeon X550 Series
Radeon X600 Series
Radeon X700 Series
Radeon X800 GT
Radeon X800 XL
Radeon X850 PRO
Radeon X850 SE
Radeon X850 XT

VIA Video Cards

SiS Mirage 3
VIA S3 Series

Intel Video Cards

No Intel video cards work with the exception of Intel HD cards.

Source: Battle.net

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  1. Nathan Plemons says

    Diablo III runs just fine on a 7800 card, provided it is PCIe, I have personally verified this. There were AGP versions of the same card that have well documented performance issues, these probably wouldn’t work so well.

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