Diablo 3 – How to Teach Recipes to the Blacksmith

In Diablo 3 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are some dropped recipes that you can teach to the Blacksmith that he can’t learn during training.

I’ve seen a lot of people stuck trying to figure out how to teach them to the Blacksmith though.

When you find these recipes, you just need to head back to town, open up the Blacksmith interface and right click on the recipe teach it to him.

Don’t confuse Blacksmith Pages with recipes however, because the pages are used as part of recipes and training, not to teach individual equipment recipes.

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  1. Random says

    Okay. This isn’t helpful for console users. PS3 and Xbox 360 do not give an option to “right click” anything. So how in the burning hells do you teach the blacksmith recipies on consoles?!

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