Diablo 3: How to Get to the Secret Whimsyshire Level (D3 Cow Level)

Most people that played Diablo 2 at least heard of the secret Cow Level, even if they never played it. For a time it was the most profitable zone in the game if you could handle it.

In Diablo 3 for the PC, there isn’t a Cow Level, but instead there is Whimsyshire, a land of pretty rainbows and unicorns.

No I’m not exaggerating, it literally is a colorful rainbow level with cute monsters trying to eat you. Even the name is colorful.

In order to get to the secret Whimsyshire level, you’re going to have to put in a bit of work. You need to collect five items scattered throughout the game, and a set of plans to create the Staff of Herding.

Black Mushroom – Rare item found in a room in the first level of the Cathedral near the beginning of Act I.

Leoric’s Shinbone – Rare item found in the fireplace in Leoric’s Manor near the end of Act I.

Wirt’s Bell – Squirt, a vendor in Act II sells it for 100,000 gold on her Potions and Dyes tab.

Liquid Rainbow – Located in the Mysteriouis Chest, in the Mysterious Cave in the Oasis Act II. Save the old man and he will open the chest for you.

Gibbering Gemstone – Random drop from Chiltara in the Caverns of Frost which is in the Fields of Slaughter in Act III. This cave shares a spawn with a cave called Icefall Caves, so if you see that one then restart from your checkpoint. Once you find the Caverns of Frost, look for a yellow elite named Chiltara, which is a rare spawn that also shares a spawn with other elites. Even if you run into an Elite, Chiltara may still be there somewhere, so make sure to search the entire cave. Good luck, this one will take you some time!

Plan: Staff of Herding – Drops randomly from Izual in Act IV. Teach to Haedrig in order to put the staff together with the five ingredients. Costs 50,000 gold to make.

Once you have the Staff of Herding, take it to the Cow King’s Ghost on Old Tristram Road in Act I. After a short conversation, the dark pit he’s next to will turn into a bright rainbow color, which will allow you access to Whimsyshire.

Be warned.. you may access Whimsyshire from Act I, but the mobs in Whimsyshire are of Act IV difficulty.

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  1. dennis says

    i can find the cave and the guy u need to save from ghosts to get into it but there is no old guy to unlock the chest nor is there any “mysterius chests” he can unlock

    • tkg says

      the dude opens the cave, not the chest, then you clear the cave out and somewhere inside you’ll find the chest, which you can open like any other one.

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