Diablo 3: How to Get Gold Quickly

In Diablo 3 for the PC, gold is the currency of choice (at the time that this article was written anyway, before the real money auction house opens), so people want to know how to maximize their gold earned while playing.

I have put together some tips to get gold as quickly as possible, so let’s get started.

1. Stock Up On Gold Find Gear

Nearly every slot can have the Gold Find stat (aka GF) on it, so try to equip this stat onto every piece possible. Don’t worry about upgrading your blacksmith early on, because it’s a huge gold sink and you won’t get that much benefit from it until later, so spend your money in the auction house on GF gear.

2. Stock Up On Magic Find Gear

Same as above, the Magic Find stat (aka MF) can be equiped to nearly any slot, so load up on it if you prefer to try your hand at the Auction House. Stick to selling hot items, like GF and MF items, bonus experience items, wizard items, etc.

3. Don’t Pick Up Junk

Don’t pick up junk, but it’s worth money? That’s true, but very little.

If you are picking up junk grey or white items, then your bag fills up faster. The faster your bag fills up, the more trips you have to make to town. The more trips you make to town, the less time you spend getting gold, plain and simple. Do some tests if you like, but I guarantee you that you’ll make more money per minute by not picking up the junk.

4. Keep Upgrading Your Weapons

It’s simple math.. the more damage you do per second, the faster you kill mobs, and the faster you’ll get gold. Invest your money in the auction house if you need to, but always try to have the best weapons available for your class.

5. Use Gold and Magic Find Shrines

Every time you click on one of those gold or magic find shrines, bust your ass around the map and kill everything in sight until it runs out. Don’t waste these, they can add up pretty well.

6. Don’t Die

I mean, this goes without saying, but dying is wasted time and wasted time is less gold gained. You should always tons of potions on hand, and every class has at least one or two abilities that get them out of harm’s way. Normal difficulty is super easy, so you shouldn’t be dying anyway, but you should still play smart and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.

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