Diablo 3: Fix Stuck Installer

A lot of people are having issues when trying to install Diablo 3 for the PC, saying that the install hangs at 0% or somewhere near the beginning.

If you’re having this issue, here are a couple things to try:

1. Make sure you have admin rights, especially if you’re on Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

2. If you’re installing from a download, right click the downloaded file and choose “Run as Administrator”.

3. If you’re installing from a download, try to download the file again as there may be an updated version (primarily if you downloaded it early).

4. Make sure your operating system is up to date. Sometimes the installer will hang saying Below Minimum Requirements if you are behind on service packs.

5. Some people on the forums have suggested to create a folder named Diablo III in your C:\Program Files folder (or C:\Program Files (x86), C:\Program Files (x64), etc on Windows Vista and Windows 7) before you run the installation .

6. Just wait.. some people have stated that the progress bar may not be updating like it should, but it’s actually copying files. You can verify this by opening up your C:\Program Files folder (or others listed in suggestion 5) and right clicking on the Diablo III folder, then clicking properties. Look at the file size in the window that comes up. If you close that window, then right click it again and select properties and the file size keeps increasing, then the installer is working. It’s a large installation (7.76 gigabytes), so it’s gonna take some time as well.

If none of this helps, please leave comments for what you’re experiencing and I’ll try my best to help you. Or if you had an issue not listed here that you fixed, please let me know so I can post it.

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  1. wadey says

    1. insert disc
    2. don’t autoplay, explore the disc contents
    3. find the setup file
    4. right click and run as administrator

  2. says

    for those stuck at 0%. what i did was toss away my disk and went to download it from the website it did the same thing but then i went to the help tab on the launcher and pressed repair game. waited a little bit then viola. it started downloading. Hope this works for you

  3. Thomas says

    yeah the problem I’m havin is the installer shows up fine but stays at 0% with the diablo 3 folder holdin 1.03GB after clicking install, any help?

  4. Jack says

    i just bought a copy of D3 and i click on properties and every thing is working fine but when it reaches 7.62 it stops i closed it and tried again but no luck HELP ME PLz !!

  5. Stijn says

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve been playing Diablo III from the very beginning on MacOS. A lot of troubleshooting with the content, none in combination with my OS. A week ago did the last update and suddenly I was unable to get passed the Blizzard Launcher. It just froze up. I threw the diablo III-folder in the bin, started over again but now my installer seems to not install anything. The disk is spinning though, I can hear that. Launched Starcraft II and did an update. Diablo III was still in attempt to install and when the updater finished, it said I had to close my blizzard launcher for diablo III first in order to continue with SCII… Now suddenly there’s 1% progress on the bar that doesn’t seem to change either… Why the hell is there so much trouble with this game? It’s such a shame. They really f*cked it up in my opinion. It’s been fun to play, but the troobleshooting along the way has given me a lot of headaches.

    Anyone had the same probs?

  6. Logan says

    plz hlp i just bought diablo 3 and when it gets to the sign in page its doesnt work its errors all the time

  7. Masternosh says

    I just wait like you said and check the DiabloIIIfolder by right cliking it in properties… it work but the game stuck at 7.62 go… you said 7.76… what can i do??

    thx a lot for the help

  8. Chris says

    I have been playing D3 on my Win7 64-bit machine since last December, but now all of a sudden it tells me that it can’t launch because the 16-bit launcher is incompatible with this 64-bit version of Windows. WTF???????????? I tried to re-download the client and even the installer says it is incompatible. Really????????

  9. Tony says

    Interesting way i fixed mine from freezing on 5% was hit the disk reader and re-insert disk, click continue and the progress bar continued to update

    • NoCowLevel says

      ok, i did this. and it does install. but it wont finalize, stays as .temp… how do i get around this?

  10. Cash says

    Hi i really need help,

    When i’m at the launcher page, and i clicked “INSTALL”

    This sentence kept coming out and i do not know what to do.

    ” The Fire has not yet rained from the sky, Diablo III has not been released ”

    It stops me from installing to my computer

  11. Tauhrak says

    for me it worked when i tried to install before the release but then after the installer started up it said something along the lines of ” The Fire has not yet rained from the sky, Diablo III has not been released ” ( i downloaded with annual pass but then tried again with the collectors edition and it still didn’t work ) and hasn’t worked since. I have tried all of these and the ones on the Blizzard FAQ installer page and it’s still not working. anyone here having the same problem? If so how can i fix it.

    WoW: (EU)
    Tauhrak @ Quel’Thalas
    Xomba @ Quel’Thalas
    Bishnak @ Quel’Thalas
    Torrero @ Quel’Thalas
    Lancelot @ Quel’Thalas
    Volkhano @ Quel’Thalas
    Aclys @ Quel’Thalas

    • says

      I would uninstall everything and start from scratch. Make sure to remove the Diablo III folder in your My Documents or Documents folder as well. Download the installer again from Battle.net and see what happens.

  12. Joss says

    I’m on Windows Vista (SP2), I pretty sure that my config is sufficient (HP intel core duo @ 2x2GHz, 3Go Ram, Nvidia Gforce 9600 M GT), I still recieve a error message saying it’s below the recommanded config.
    I already tried a lot of things (update the service pack, download last drivers, launch the game as administrator and in compatibility mode “Windows XP (SP2)” and all your recommandations). Do you have any solution?
    Altough, I’m not able to run the compatibility mode “Windows XP SP3″ on my computer, do you have any idea how I could do it?

    • says

      I’ve seen some posts of people simply pressing escape on the error to bypass it. Is it saying specifically what it’s getting hung up on?

      Maybe try to end some running processes, etc. Some have reported that the program checks current resources, not necessarily maximum resources.. so if you have a bunch of stuff running in the background, this might cause the issue. I haven’t verified this, but it’s just what I’ve been hearing.

  13. Michael says

    Yeah i have a Windows 7 64bit , and its a good gaming computer to and was getting the same problem aswell.
    So i did run as administrator and make a map before installation and it works.
    I thank you verry much ! now i can play =)

  14. Rage says

    My system is up to date. Just installed Service Pack 3 for Windows XP I downloaded installer 5 hours ago. Installation does proceed regardless of progress bar being dead, but it won’t complete after it reaches above 7 gigabites.

    • says

      I saw someone on the forums say that once the folder reached 7.76 gigabytes and the install still wouldn’t complete, that they cancelled the install and the game worked. It’s a questionable move for sure, but worth a shot if it won’t complete I suppose.

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