Deus Ex – Human Revolution: Computer Usernames and Passwords

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there are tons of terminals (aka computers) you can access with usernames and passwords.

You can hack all of these with the right skill level to get XP, but if you’re lacking the skill level for a specific terminal, or you’re just not into hacking, then use these usernames and passwords to access them for no XP gain.

Remember, not all computers in the game will have passwords available, some have to be hacked. Also, not all computers have important information on them either.

Check out my other guide if you’re looking for the full list of security codes for security panels, safe panels, bomb panels, and laser grid panels.

Sarif HQ
Admin Floor 2 – Username: cparker, Password: zinc
Admin Floor 2 – Username: fbrooks, Password: tipple
Admin Floor 2 – Username: fmarchand, Password: factotum
Admin Floor 2 – Username: gthorpe, Password: hydro
Admin Floor 2 – Username: mlatona, Password: redwings
Admin Floor 2 – Username: mross, Password: lions
Admin Floor 2 – Username: rmccauf, Password: hvywethr
Admin Floor 2 – Username: sgrimes, Password: ovid
Admin Floor 2 – Username: tcaldwell, Password: talon
Admin Floor 2 – Username: vclark, Password: tigers
Admin Floor 4 – Username: jthorpe, Password: hydra
Factoring Labs Floor 1 – Username: ddutchman, Password: windmill
Sarif Industries Floor 2 – Username: fpritchard, Password: nuclearsnke
Sarif Industries Floor 3 – Username: ajensen, Password: mandrake
Sarif Industries Floor 3 – Username: tbruger, Password: eclipse
Sarif’s Office – Username: amargoulis, Password: gsspgirl

Detroit City
Apartment 3 Floor 1 – Username: omalley, Password: trojan
Apartment 3 Floor 2 – Username: docta, Password: atcod
Chiron Building Lobby – Username: sterhorst, Password: queenbee
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: bbethke, Password: maverick
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: bsterling, Password: investor
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: hellison, Password: cordwainer
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: jballard, Password: solempire
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: jchampagne, Password: grimster
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: mfrezell, Password: llezerf
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: pcadigan, Password: desprit
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: pdick, Password: lectrolamb
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: rdeckard, Password: unicorn
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: wgibson, Password: baronnull
Police Department Floor 1 – Username: whass, Password: catharsis
Police Department Floor 2 – Username: cleboeuf, Password: dasteer
Police Department Floor 2 – Username: fnicefield, Password: patriotism
Police Department Floor 2 – Username: rpenn, Password: apophenion
Police Department Floor 3 – Username: amurphy, Password: thighgun
Police Department Floor 3 – Username: bgum, Password: justicar
Police Department Floor 3 – Username: cwagner, Password: fuckface
Police Department Floor 3 – Username: fmccann, Password: solanum
Police Department Floor 3 – Username: guest, Password: password1
Police Department Floor 3 – Username: jalexander, Password: basileus
Police Department Morgue – Username: gcampbell, Password: oblongata

Fema Camp
Fema Interior Basement Level 1 – Username: lbarret, Password: bullskull
Fema Interior Basement Level 1 – Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior Basement Level 1 – Username: wks0010, Password: usprotkt
Fema Interior Basement Level 3 – Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
Fema Interior Basement Level 3 – Username: wks2011, Password: crrctions
Fema Interior Basement Level 3 – Username: wks3021, Password: hmldsec1
Fema Interior Basement Level 3 – Username: wks4145, Password: hmldsec2
Fema Yard Floor 1 – Username: spaxxor, Password: neuralhub
Fema Yard Floor 1 – Username: wks0012, Password: ntlsec59

Alice Gardens Pod 1 – Username: asgarden, Password: rbbthole
Hung Hua Hotel – Username: msuen, Password: oleander
The Hive – Username: bbao, Password: vanguard
The Hive – Username: wbees, Password: paperfan
Unknown – Username: nemuni, Password: ironfist

Tay Zong Medical
Floor 1 – Username: lgeng, Password: gehong
Floor 3 – Username: rkumar, Password: outback
Floor 3 – Username: zarvlad, Password: muonrule
Floor 4 – Username: gengl, Password: pangutym
Floor 4 – Username: nemuni, Password: ironfist
Floor 4 – Username: tymmf, Password: ebrain
Hangar Bay – Username: tymphs, Password: qilin
Pool – Username: poolrm, Password: pelagic

Floor 1 Restricted Area – Username: bshupper, Password: widget
Floor 1 Restricted Area – Username: jchapman, Password: diode
Floor 1 Restricted Area – Username: pcorbo, Password: spitfire
Floor 2 Restricted Area – Username: bnorthco, Password: sterling
Floor 2 Restricted Area – Username: emasse, Password: moufette
Floor 3 – Username: atresman, Password: skylark
Floor 3 – Username: jricard, Password: macro
Floor 3 – Username: mwells, Password: lavadome
Floor 3 – Username: sbernard, Password: dumbass
Floor 3 Restricted Area – Username: ltodd, Password: titom
Floor 6 – Username: dgassner, Password: oneida
Floor 6 – Username: jkenney, Password: montroyal

Detroit Convention Center
Floor 3 – Username: wtaggart, Password: marjorie

Basement Level 1 – Username: zhengl, Password: hirollr
Basement Level 2 – Username: ttong, Password: mirrshds

Hengsha Seaport
Seaport Floor 2 – Username: prmtr01, Password: collosus
Seaport Floor 3 – Username: jwang, Password: mainman

Omega Ranch
Floor 1 – Username: dabblett, Password: monastic
Floor 1 – Username: dfalk, Password: topfrag
Floor 1 – Username: eblake, Password: hndstuth
Floor 1 – Username: lmorano, Password: morpheus
Floor 1 – Username: ogomez, Password: techsmex
Floor 2 – Username: aoconnor, Password: keppler
Floor 2 – Username: pwalts, Password: ruckus

Hyron Project – Username: daiyu, Password: frgottn
Hyron Project – Username: hualing, Password: iwntlove
Hyron Project – Username: marilyn, Password: yyyyyy
Landing Pad – Username: amelie, Password: lstforever
Port of Entry – Username: kathys, Password: mssinghme
Tower – Username: isabella, Password: rhemmberme

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  1. Dave Finkbeiner says


  2. Corey says

    Does anyone have the code for “yzhao” In the Tai Zong Medical Penthouse? Someone asked for it, and never got an answer.

  3. Dave says

    Anyone know the password for the safe that is in the apartment across from the one with the hideous lvale and he safe behind the painting with code 0739 I don’t have enough praxis points to hack a level 4 and I am frustrated with it.

    By the way the link up top for the full list just brings me back to this page.

  4. Big Mike says

    Tay Zong Medical:
    Username and password for hanger bay robots/cameras
    Username: TYMPHS
    Password: qilin

    I didn’t see it posted so hopefully it helps!

  5. Slayer says

    Windmill DOES have password. Its brngchrm — hope this gets everyone unstuck! Make sure you are certain before you tell people there isnt a password.

  6. YeaaaBuddy says

    So no one knows the password for MASTAPLAYA69 on Lee’s computer for the Shanghai Justice Mission? Its been asked twice already with absolutely no answer.

    • JD Real says

      I haven’t gotten that far yet, therefore cannot confirm, but I found a post elsewhere that lists this & many other DX3 computer passwords- including at least a few that I couldn’t find anywhere else online. Every pw I’ve tried (or already knew) from this list has been correct. In this case, user: “Mastaplaya69″ = pw: “asgarden” but again I can’t yet verify that it works.

      The forum where the whole list is posted seems to be for those trying to beat the entire game as quickly as possible. The specific post is about halfway down, as I recall, & you have to click a button at the bottom of the post that says “show hidden” to reveal the list. Passwords are on the line below their username. The list claims to cover the entire game, but may have some omissions. Worth a shot at least, if you’re stuck & -like me- didn’t want to devote Praxis pts to hacking. Here’s the link:

      Good hunting!

      • Elliott says

        your not gonna believe this.

        the actual password for “mastaplaya69″ is “tigolebitties”


        • Andrew says

          Hahaha! You actually weren’t kidding. I tried your password in exasperation, assuming it was a joke, and it actually worked! haha! Thanks, dude!

    • JD Real says

      The pw for “startz” is “ztarts” as in 1st & last letters reversed. I find that some of the pws that are hard/impossible to find legit in the game are like that- some sort of rearrangement of (or at least related to) the username. Guessable, but not always this easy. Thank you, internet, for letting me assign praxis to non-hacking stuff!

  7. SanguineVisions says

    Tai Yong Medical (not sure where these computers are located)
    Login: tymphs
    Password: qilin.

    Login: squan
    Password: radium

  8. Josh says

    What is the password for the Computer in the Detroit Apartment labeled LVALE??

    its kind of hidden and i dont see it on any list anywhere on any site.

  9. Mike says

    Nice job on the list. One update for you, under FEMA Camp, the password for “FEMA Yard – Floor 1 – Username: wks0012″ should be ntlsec59 (with an “s” in the middle)



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