Dead Space 2: Unlockable Suits

There are several different suits you can unlock in Dead Space 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Here is the list of suits I’ve found so far, and how to find them.

Arctic Security Suit – Beat the game on Zealot difficulty to unlock it at the store
Elite Advanced Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+ in Chapter 11 when the yellow lift with the Necromorphs reaches the top, turn around and it is on the ledge between elevator and wall
Elite Engineer Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+  on Chapter 2, right before the first outer space section
Elite Security Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+ in Chapter 9 after you exit the tram, search over the railing.
Elite Vintage Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+ in Chapter 6 in the area where you fight the tank right before the end of the chapter.
Hacker Suit – If you have a Dead Space: Ignition save file it will be available at the store
Riot Suit – In the store during New Game+
Soldier Suit – Beat the game on Hardcore Mode to unlock it at the store

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    the only reason you guys didn’t find them is because you need to have to collectors edition of the game and to find the elite advanced suit ac as though your going to leave the lift when i’s at the top hen turn around and look over the edge there is another platform there and that’s where the elite advanced suit is

  2. nvidia says

    @LukeZ Same here man, i think the Elite suits only for console platforms. There is not elite suits in the PC platform except riot suit. It has nothing to do with level of difficulty. But i found something. Its an update patch to get those elite suits in PC. Im working on it right now and i hope it works.

    Here is the name of the update patch, you can search it on google:


  3. LukeZ says

    The Elite Advanced Suit wasn’t there….I don’t get it? Do I have to have a higher difficulty setting for it to be there?

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