Dead Space 2: Unlock Elite Suits

In Dead Space 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there are several Elite suits you can unlock. Here is the list of unlockable Elite suits and where to find them.

Check out my other guide if you’re looking for the full list of unlockable suits for Dead Space 2.

Elite Advance Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+ in Chapter 11 when the yellow lift with the Necromorphs reaches the top, turn around and it is on the ledge between elevator and wall
Elite Engineer Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+  on Chapter 2, right before the first outer space section
Elite Security Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+ in Chapter 9 after you exit the tram, search over the railing
Elite Vintage Suit – You can find the schematic in New Game+ in Chapter 6 in the area where you fight the tank right before the end of the chapter

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  1. bean bundat says

    I have elite suits in my second playthrough by either loading my zealot mode finished game or hardcore mode finished game (hardcore isn`t usable but maybe the items you unlocked is) found a schematic of ELITE engineering suit at the first save with the store I have the PC version and this is confirmed by me!

  2. nvidia says

    @Ricky I had tried your adviced pack
    Still i got the same problem, i couldnt find those suits in the new game+ but i was looking for new packes.
    These file are not working IN PC.
    Answer pls.

    • FoxBoy says

      @nvidia I had the same problem untill i started a BRAND new game+ also i noticed you now get the riot Security suit in NEW GAME no typo here at all you really get the suit in NEW GAME :D its crazy. Im playing survivalist with out saving more than 3 times right now on a brand new game so i can then go on newgame+ and go on zealot and then new game + again for hardcore.

  3. Cerberus says

    I Just Find Dead Space 2 Amazing
    Im In Hardcore And Chapter 12 And I Have 2 Saves Left
    Theres A Trick(Maybe Bug)For Saving
    If You Save Then Exit Game And Then Continue, You’ll Have All
    Your Saves Left!

    • bean bundat says

      big mistake. you`ll never unlock the riot suit and handcannon — I read somewhere that in PC version you need to

      **not exit your game whatsoever (that means DO NOT GO TO THE MAIN MENU!)**

      believe me just repeat your game….it would just be a waste

  4. nvidia says

    @Ricky Thank you so much! I am a PC user from Turkey and i was playing in the New game+ mode but i could not get those elite suits except elite riot suit. There was only riot suit in the game. I looked all over the place described locations. Watched the videos but i could not find. It made me sick then i found here. Reading all these comments and typing an appreciation message took almost a hour from me. Because i don’t know English well. With your help my friend i hope the problem will be solved. I love you man, really i am…

  5. Ricky says

    I played in the new game+ mode and i have got all the elite suits exactly at the places they were said to be above..

    All you have to do is to patch the latest update.. “Dead_Space_2_Update_1-FLTDOX”

    thanks for the help..

  6. Tim says

    I am playing the steam-pc version and the elite suits did not show until i complete the game in zealot dificulty. Started another game in zealot difficulty and there they were in the perscribed locations. Did 3 other run throughs prior to the zealot run. There is a nice perc in zealot mode right before you get to the marker and get your eye jabbed. At the store and work station right before you enter the room and see the big marker in chapter 13, you will notice that there are a few additional weapons you can choose from. Make sure you go to the work bench and reconfigure your current weapons. This will get all your power nodes at only the cost of 5000.00 per weapon. Have some bucks saved up and you will have some really nice weapons.

  7. Chriszzz says

    GUYS!!! The Elite suits are not console only!!!

    there was a bug on the PC that was released with the game that stopped any elite suit schematics from appearing. EA released an update which fixed this (I can confirm this, i am on a second playthrough and have the elite engineer suit and the elite vintage).

    in addition, the update unlocks all the weapon packs which have been made so far (console users have to pay for these weapon packs – be thankful!)

    so yea, it unlocks a crapload of new suits and weapons, in addition to spawning elite suit schematics.

    i would provide link to the page the update can be downloaded from, but i do not have it handy (google around, you’ll find it)

    have fun!

  8. Brad C says

    First of all, this game rocks. I was disappointed by the lack of elite suit schematics in game+ mode. I did find the elite riot suit in the first store. I cannot find any of the other schematics. I am probably doing something wrong. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Thanks in advance.

  9. Unknown says

    i couldn’t find any elite suit schematics through out the game on new game+ on hard.i’m playing the pc version.i know the locations they are present at[i watched the ign dead space 2 stratergize video for it]..but they aren’t this some kinda glitch or something? plz help me out.

  10. vinni says

    i just beat the hard mode on deadspace2 after that i played the hard core mode when i did they said it only has 3 saves i don’t get it why don’t they put it on the easy mode?i would like for ea to give me more saves on the hardcore mode i want them to e-mail me if they can send me some codes to do it or something.

  11. Drunkn Masta III says

    Where in chapter 9 was the elite security suit? I never saw it. What was it’s functionality? will it be there on a third play through?

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