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Dead Rising 3 – How to Save Survivors

In Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox One, there are many survivors that need your help that are scattered around the city, and will join your “posse” once you save them.

Once they start following you however, it’s not exactly clear how to actually save them and keep them from following you, because (in the beginning anyway) they’re really more of a burden and most of them can’t survive very long.

There is a way to save your survivors though, which will keep them alive and out of harm, and allow you to come back to retrieve them later if you’d like.

When you have a survivor following you, take them to any Safe Zone you have cleared in the city. Look for the survivor board inside of the Safe Zone, and interact with it. You’ll see a check mark next to any survivors that are currently following you. Simply uncheck any survivors following you, and they’ll disappear magically to somewhere safe and wait for you to call upon them at the survivor board again.

You don’t have to wait for them to be in the Safe Zone either. You can “save” them this way even if they’re outside getting their ass kicked by a zombie.

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