Dead Rising 2 – Off The Record: Easy Money

In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, there is a method you can use to get money extremely easily.

First, you need to get a little money collected up. Use the hacker (flashlight + computer case) on an ATM to get a quick $10,000. Another method you can use is to go up to any slot machine that has a pile of cash in front of it and play it five times in a row for guaranteed wins. You’ll also want to grab a few decent combo weapons, because you’ll need them later.

Next you’ll need to collect the two Gambling Magazines which will boost your odds of winning at the slot machines.

Gambling Magazine 1 – In Palisades Mall, on a table above the pool bar near the slide

Gambling Magazine 2 – On the top floor of Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino, sitting on a ledge on the left

Gambling Magazine 3 – In Uranus Zone Bank, Security Box #304, the key to the box is sitting on the unfinished wooden ledge in Fortune Park to the right of the Fortune City Hotel entrance

Finally, head to Slot Ranch Casino and look for the giant slot machine on the left wall toward the north eastern exit. There is a spot to save your game nearby so I suggest doing that.

Clear the area of zombies as much as possible, because the winning sound from the slot machine will attract them much faster than normal. Now start betting on the giant slot machine hitting the $1,000 bet button on the right. With the magazines you’re carrying, you’ll start hitting 25k, 50k, and 100k quite a bit. Sometimes you can hit 100k every few minutes, or even back to back if you get lucky.

Using this method I went from 100k to 1.8 million within about 30 minutes of playing. You’ll hit some dry spells for a while, so just keep grinding this machine until you have however much money you desire.

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  1. rick says

    holy crap i showed up towards the end of day one.i killed snowflakes owner and i left,came back a day later lenny was alive snowflake walks up and is tamed and joins me but I NEVER TAMED HER!!! LOL AWESOME.

  2. rick says

    the third gambling mag is in the bank box #302 or #304 and the key is located at thje ledge left of qwhere big jake snipes from beside the south plaza entrance

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