Dead Rising 2: Mixed Drinks List

In Dead Rising 2 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there are nine different drinks you can make for various effects. All drinks can be made in multiple ways, and all ingredients can be found in the food court of the mall. Making and consuming all nine drinks in any fashion gets you the “Look At All That Juice” achievement/trophy for 20 points. All drinks also have the added benefit of granting full health. Mix the listed items in a blender to get the desired drink. If you need help finding the blenders, check out my blender location guide for help.

If you find any combinations that I don’t have listed here, please leave them in the comments.

Energizer: Can’t be injured for ten seconds
Made with taco + hamburger, or chili + chili

Nectar: Spawns a Queen near current location, and attracts nearby Queens for six minutes
Made with onion rings + orange juice, or jelly beans + beer

Pain Killer: Take half damage for one minute
Made with beer + beer, or vodka + vodka

Quick Step: Increase speed for one minute
Made with milk + jelly beans, wine + beer, or bacon + pie

Randomizer: Either gives you a random drink effect, or (more likely) makes you throw up several times over the course of three minutes
Made with wine + vodka, or beer + cooking oil

Repulse: Zombies won’t attack you for one minute
Made with chili + bacon, chili + pie, chili + ketchup, chili + large soda, or chili + onion rings

Spitfire: Spit a fire blast for one minute
Made with chili + orange juice, ketchup + ketchup, bacon + orange juice, or bacon + onion rings

Untouchable: Can’t be grabbed by zombies for one minute, but can be damaged
Made with bacon + bacon, orange juice + milk, bacon + milk, pizza + large soda, onion rings + milk, chili + milk, onion rings + pie, or orange juice + pie, whiskey + pizza

Zombait: Attracts nearby zombies for one minute
Made with pie + milk, taco + apple, or chili + jelly beans

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  1. DeadrisingExpert says

    Vodka + Pineapple = Energizer. You can find these close together at Atlantica Casino at the bar. There are many others that aren’t listed but this is just one.

  2. Xel`Naga says

    The best way to tame Snowflake involves using Randomizer. You just throw it at her and get her to drink. Then she starts to vomit and passes out. You can then drag it by the tail back to the safe house and give it to Katey as a gift.

  3. Shawn says

    It’s actually possible to make every single mixed drink you need right in the Pub O’ Gold on the silver strip!!! All you need to do is mix the mixed drinks.

    Make 2 randomizers, combine em (or go next door, get two snacks from the snack machine, combine ‘em)=Quickstep
    Beer+Beer OR Whiskey+Whiskey OR Vodka+Vodka=Painkiller
    Energizer and Painkiller=Spitfire (I think)
    Quickstep and Spitfire=Repulse

    The other ones are a bit more complicated, but I have made them by combining only mixed drinks.

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