Dead Rising 2: Easy PP and Leveling

In Dead Rising 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there are a couple different ways to get PP to gain levels. You can kill zombies, you can save survivors, etc. One of the best ways I’ve found to get easy PP though over and over is by using the combo weapon Dynameat.

To create Dynameat, you simply combine a hunk of meat with a stick of dynamite. Zombies love hunks of meat, and they’ll go out of their way to get it, so it’s a great combo by itself. Each Dynameat kill nets you 500 PP, so I think you can see why this works so well.

However to make this even better, you use something else that attracts zombies even more, which is firecrackers. Throw a few firecrackers into a crowd, and all of a sudden you have a huge mass of zombies ready to be ripped apart.

The best spot for this is in Fortune Park. First, head to Rockets Red Glare fireworks stand. It’s at N108 on the Silver Strip if you’re looking at the map, which is north-east of the park area, on the way to Yucatan Casino. Once you have a few Firecrackers (each pack contains ten so you only need a couple), head down to the Maintenance Room on the south end of Fortune Park and you’ll see a hunk of meat and a stick of dynamite right outside the door to the Maintenance Room. Combine these and you’ll have some Dynameat. Go into Atlantica Casino and right back out to Fortune Park and you’ll see that the hunk of meat and dynamite have spawned again, so you can make a few more Dynameat if you have space.

Once you have a few Firecrackers and Dynameat, go over to the door to Fortune City Hotel and there should be a decent group of zombies there. Throw firecrackers into the crowd one at a time, preferably in the same spot, to get them to gather up and after about five or so, throw the dynameat into the center as best as you can and watch them explode.

This will net you a nice chunk of PP every time, and honestly I never get tired watching the stupid zombies explode into bits. Just keep making the rounds and you’ll be leveling extremely fast. This works well for pretty much the whole game, and once it starts to slow down in the 30’s, you’ll gain the Dynameat Combo Card, which will give you more PP per kill and the leveling will begin to speed back up again. Not to mention you’ll keep getting inventory slots so you can carry more Dynameat and Firecrackers, making the process that much quicker.

This method can be used in any location that has a lot of zombies, I just prefer this location because it’s so close to the dynamite and hunk of meat spawns, so you can keep going in and out of the casino to get as much as you can carry.

Want to take this a step further for even more PP and faster leveling? Check out my magazine duplication guide and duplicate the Horror magazines for insane PP bonuses on zombie kills.

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  1. deejay ireson says

    this only helped a little bit i need a quick easy and simple way to ean easy PP without haing to read an essay

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