Dark Souls: How to Get the Drake Sword

In Dark Souls for the PS3 and Xbox 360, there is a powerful sword you can get early in the game called the Drake Sword (aka Flying Dragon Sword). You’ll need a bow and a lot of arrows to do this. You can purchase a short bow from the merchant in the undead city. You’ll need a lot of arrows, so bring 150 or more in case you miss quite a bit.

After you defeat the Taurus Demon, you will come to a bridge with a large Hellkite Dragon at the other end, and several enemies waiting to kill you on the bridge.

When you step onto the bridge, immediately start running on the far left side to avoid a few of the arrows from the skeletons. Right as you pass the first group of skeletons, quickly roll into the crevice on the right with the stairwell leading down to avoid the brunt of the fire from the dragon. You will still get hit but it shouldn’t kill you if you were far enough into the opening, and make sure to roll down the stairs to get rid of the flames. You’ll also get 300 souls for the enemies that died on the bridge.

Go downstairs, and look for a ladder that you can kick down to gain access to The Last Bonfire. Rest, and go back up one level.

On the level directly below the bridge, you’ll find an opening on the right side of the bridge where you’ll see the dragon’s tail dangling down. When you hit the tail with an arrow for the first time, it will breathe fire on the bridge killing all of the enemies above and giving you another 300 souls. Keep shooting the tail over and over, and you will eventually be given the Drake Sword.

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