Call of Duty – Black Ops: What You Keep and Lose When You Prestige

In Call of Duty: Black Ops for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC, there is a mode called Prestige Mode that most people know about, but don’t quite know all the details.

The way Prestige works is that you level up to 50, and at level 50 you can choose to enable Prestige mode, which will give you a prestige and take you back down to level 1 to start again. You can keep going through this process if you wish, all the way up to 15th prestige.

What some people don’t realize though is that you lose a lot of things every time you go up a prestige, and you have to get them back the same way you did before. The only thing you really gain however from gaining Prestige is is a few more unlockables for your playercard, and more custom class options. All of the weapons, equipment, etc. are all unlocked with levels, not Prestige, so if you don’t care much about unlocking every single icon for your playercard or having more custom classes, then Prestige might not be worth it for you.

So what exactly do you keep and what do you lose when you prestige? I’ve put together a list so you can determine whether it’s worth it or not.

What you keep when you gain Prestige:

Clat Tag
Custom clan tags on guns
Custom emblems on guns
Playercard Emblems
Playercard Layers
Playercard Titles
Reticle Colors

What you lose when you Prestige:

Challenges (except for career/lifetime, etc.)
COD Points
Face Paint
Grenades (both lethal & tactical)
Lens Colors
Prestige Leaderboards

That’s a lot of stuff you lose in my opinion. All of those weapons that you worked hard to purchase, all of the pain in the ass challenges you completed (Ghost Pro, ugh!!), it’s definitely not an easy decision. But, if you want bragging rights, and all of the unlockables that online play has to offer, then you don’t have much of a choice.

If you’re in it for the long haul, then you might as well. You’ll be putting time into the game anway, and if you’re good then you can probably win fights without the best weapons anyway.

Most of the stuff you keep still has to be unlocked as you level up again if it’s level dependent, but you don’t have to purchase them again, so it’s probably in your best interest to unlock as much of that stuff as you can and set your playercard the way you like it, that way you don’t have to worry about it.

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  1. marvin w. says

    i am not happy i fought all the way back to prestiege just to find out you can start over again im’ still mad about ps3 messing up like it did and now i have to buy other map so i can play with my friends thanks for nothing ps3 sucks im not buying a nother one thats for sure

  2. hahaha says

    UM i worked hard to get to prestige and its acctually worth it if you want like and expansion to your choice of weapons

  3. dr d says

    You should prestige faster each time if it correct that your career stats are kept on player card. I.e. you could get 10000 exp pts for career kills, time played etc. I try to stay at level 50 until a few career stats are close and then bam, you can get to about lvl 15 after a few rounds of sabotage. I do wish you could keep 1 pro perk for each pretige. Ninja and marathon take some time and luck each time to get because it takes more than tdm to get them…maybe next game

  4. Lordkillswitch says

    It’s not faster xp when you prestige, it just seems that way because you’ve done it before and you’ve gotten used to leveling. You may level up faster but it’s just because you’re more experienced to the game each time you prestige

  5. Ashton says

    I never prestied in MW2 because working back to lvl 70 would be such a pain and funny enough te emblems were all so meh. I want to get to prestige 11, dragon emblem looks sweet imo.

  6. Gabi says

    Have you gone to the playcard and selected prestige? Does it only give you points and goes to 1xp required? You must go to your Playcard and scroll down to Prestige.

  7. mike says

    I have been stuck on prestige level 1 and I have done everything I can to go to prestige level 2 but nothing works what am I missing here

    • says

      @Nick Nick.. I modified your comment, please don’t flame on my posts. No, you don’t unlock any additional guns when you Prestige, it’s only used for unlocking the other extra stuff. Prestige is really only put there so that people that play a lot can keep unlocking extras and get some sort of recognition for it. Putting better weapons on prestige mode would make the game unbalanced.

  8. Tyler617 says

    I think it is best not to prestige. Then again, it is your choice. Once you prestige you can’t go back. Also, if you never finish all your prestige levels, it looks like an uncompleted online campaign. (It takes a very long time to complete them all.) If you dont prestige, you keep everything you have. People will think you suck, but your skill will keep developing. You can then prove, your amazing at online gameplay without being pretiged.

  9. BigGeek says

    AS of the patch released on 12/14 you no longer get to keep the following:

    Custom clan tags on guns
    Custom emblems on guns
    Reticle Colors

    After carefully saving and spending on these items I was more than a bit ticketed off to lose them. 200K of reticles lost – I had all of them for every gun…

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