Call of Duty – Black Ops: Tips to Complete Lightweight Pro Perk Challenges

The Lightweight perk in Call of Duty: Black Ops is an a nice perk that allows you to move faster than normal. Coupled with an SMG as a primary weapon for 100% run speed, and Marathon or Marathon Pro for longer sprinting, you could be a flag capturing machine, or pretty much any other objective game for that matter.

Lightweight pro adds in the extra bonus of receiving no fall damage, allowing you to make jumps you wouldn’t normally be able to make. On certain maps, this will allow you to escape through a route that your enemy can not take unless they have lightweight pro on as well.

Don’t forget that you need to purchase the Lightweight Pro perk upgrade after it’s unlocked for 3,000 COD points.

Here is the list of Lightweight Pro perk challenges, and some tips to help you complete them:

Escape Death – Escape death 5 times after being injured

Fairly self explanatory, and will just take some time. All you have to do is get injured by an enemy, and stay alive through it. This will most likely happen enough times on its own, so you shouldn’t have to try too hard for this one, but if you’re having problems just make sure to stay in cover until the heart pounding sound stops when you’ve been damaged.

Melee Kills – Get 15 melee kills

Not too difficult, just keep your finger on that melee button as you’re coming around corners to get the jump on enemies that you meet at super close range. Also, try to stick to the outer areas of the map in close quarters areas so you don’t get killed by long ranged weapons as much.

Offense Medals – Get 10 Offense Medals by killing enemies near their objective

You just need to kill enemies near the objective they’re defending. CTF, Domination, whatever objective game you like. Personally I like Domination for this one, because they’re fast paced generally quick games, and enemies love to camp their domination spots. Planting Claymores or C4 on enemy objectives can help with this as well.

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  1. Slider says

    I have done all this for the lightweight pro perk but for some reason I can not get the Escape death to count. Have survived many times but just wont count…. any ideas?

  2. Trey says

    The easiest way to get offensive medals is to play CTF. If you’re carrying the enemy flag every kill gives you an offensive medal.

  3. JJN says

    Just noticed you said you should use ghost with it but you can not as there both from perk 1 section, also i found doing ctf was a good way to get offensive medals just get the flag and camp in there base and shoot them lol

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