Call of Duty – Black Ops: Multiplayer Tips

Playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online is no walk in the park, especially for those of us that haven’t played since the very beginning like some elitists out there. There’s nothing better than practice really when it comes to first person shooters, but there are some basic things you can keep in mind when playing online that might help your game a little bit.

Please note that these are in no way advanced tips, these are tips to help people new to the CoD line play more competitively online. Comments flaming me on this will be deleted, so please don’t bother.

1. Use Combat Training

One of the best practice modes I’ve seen so far in a first person shooter is new in Call of Duty: Black Ops called Combat Training. It brings in AI players made up from your friends list and lets you battle it out on any map you choose. You can play with your real friends as well in this mode if you need to practice some tactics.

The main thing this mode can help you with is to unlock guns and perks much faster to help you get more familiar with the ones you may like without having to spend your hard earned credits in the regular online play. Use this mode to get familiar with everything from maps, to guns, to perks, and figure out what you like most. The only downfall is that you can’t carry over these unlockables to online play, but the knowledge you’ll receive from this mode is invaluable.

2. Become Familiar With Maps

Map knowledge is one thing that can really make or break your success in most first person shooters, and this game is no exception. Most maps have choke points, and hot spots that most people will travel through. Knowing the map and knowing where the best spots are will change your game dramatically, no matter which mode you play on.

3. Use the Theater

To help you become more familiar with maps, the Theater is one of the best tools to do this. The Theater has copies of your games over the past few days. Not only can you see hot spots (places where the majority of people die on the map), but you can also view the game from the perspective of other people you played with. Want to see how that unstoppable guy played, what weapons and perks they use, and where they hide out? Pull up the Theater and watch from their perspective. You’ll quickly pick up on better tactics, locations, and equipment you may not have noticed on your own.

4. Find a Comfortable Class

Black Ops has a lot of class options, with a lot of perks and weapons to choose from. Use this to your benefit to figure out what class suits you best. If you like sneaking around the map more than running and gunning, then use the Ghost and Ninja perks, with a suppressor on your weapon. Playing outside of your comfort zone is fine once you get really good, but it’s best to start off with something you are comfortable playing instead of something that’s popular with the masses.

5. Use Your Equipment

It’s easy to get caught up in a match and forget about your equipment, but don’t make this mistake. In my opinion, the Claymore is the best beginner equipment, so I would suggest buying it first. Place your claymores on flags, domination points, around corners with heavy traffic, or guarding your back when you’re camped in a room. Even the best players get caught in claymores, so use them frequently to bump your kill count.

6. Always Be Moving

One of the biggest blunders new players make is to stand still. It doesn’t matter if you’re just scanning the area, or if you’re scoped into someone.. someone most likely has you scoped in as well. Don’t let them get the easy kill, constantly move left and right even while you’re shooting so they can’t hit you as easily.

7. Try to Keep Cover

You’ll notice that the better players rarely run out in the open. If you have to run in the open, you had better run fast. If there’s an alternate route to where you need to go that has more cover, take it instead. Running out in the open is just asking for death.

8. Think Like a Good Player

If you were a good player guarding a domination point or a flag, would you sit out in the open or shoot from an open window in a nearby building? Thinking this way, you’ll start to analyze your surroundings and possibly turn the tables on your would be attackers. Instead of running right for that flag, check the area first. You’ll more than likely find a hidden enemy that wasn’t expecting your presence.

9. Play Your Favorite Gametype

This one might seem silly, but a lot of new players choose deathmatch and don’t stray from it much because it’s popular or it’s what they’re familiar with. Personally, I play my best in Domination, so that’s where I usually spend most of my time. You’ll start to notice that you play a lot better on your favorite maps and gametypes, so this is where you want to practice most.

10. Customize to Your Gametype

Your favorite custom class might work well in Domination, but not as much in Deathmatch. Customize your classes to the gametypes you use most. Personally, I have several custom classes that are almost identical, but with one perk different, or different grenades or equipment, etc. Remember, just because you start with five custom classes doesn’t mean they all have to be widely different.

11. Always Check Those Corners

Just like you see in the movies, always expect someone to be ready to kill you right around every corner. If you’re coming around a corner, pull up your zoom and take it slowly, because there could very well be an enemy around the corner already zoomed in on you.

12. Choose Killstreak Rewards You Can Achieve

When you first start playing, you probably won’t get a lot of killstreaks, so why not set your killstreak rewards lower so you can achieve them? I would recommended setting them to 3, 4, and 5 killstreaks at first so that you can actually get them once in a while. Once you get better and start to see higher killstreaks, set them higher.

13. Talk to Your Team

You don’t have to talk a lot, but even just a “camper in the building next to C” will help the rest of your team quite a bit. Don’t be annoying, don’t talk too much or complain, but keep your team informed about what’s going on. Good team coordination can sway a match incredibly.

14. Lay Low

If you’re a beginner, then lay low and take it slow. Follow your team mates and see where they hang out. Sure, you won’t have the top kills, but you won’t have the top deaths either. Trust me, your team mates will appreciate you a lot more if you have 5 kills and 5 deaths than 5 kills and 20 deaths.

15. Practice, Practice, Practice

More than anything, you just need to play a lot. Remember that a lot of Black Ops players have probably been playing for a long time, and hardcore CoD players don’t play much else, so they have a lot of experience. Watch them, learn from them, be patient and keep practicing.

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  1. Ryan says

    I’m a beginner an din my first try I got 10 kills and 15 deaths, not so great, any tips on a good hiding spot in Nuketown 2025?

  2. mike says

    One of my biggest problems is in demolition the other team likes to spawn trap and i found there is no good way to get out of it if any one has a better way to get out of it than leaving please tell me

    • bill says

      When that happens to me, i prone ASAP and do a one-two with concussion grenades.

      I have Flak Jacket, SOH, and Tactical Mask.
      Pro for all if possible.

  3. Gianni says


  4. Pig says

    These are a few tips that I’d like to point out. I’m at 4th prestige (3rd prestige; lvl 50 with all xp, but haven’t unlocked 4th prestige yet… I’ve prestiged twiced on Xbox and nearly four times on PS3), so here goes some “basic” tips from me. If it matters, at lvl 50 3rd prestige, I have a 1.62 K/D.

    First off, learn from your mistakes. Sounds basic, but believe me, I used to be horrible at CoD. I think it’s safe to say I’m not anymore. Anyway, learn from your mistakes. Some people are better at some things as opposed to others. Some are good at long-distance shooting, short-range, some are good at rushing and some aren’t. If you saw someone walk past you and they were about to turn into a corner, don’t shoot at them. They’re going to get hit, live, expect you, wait around the corner and you may take your time, but they’re probably going to either run around somewhere else and shoot you from behind when you think they’re still there or hide, heal and do whatever they can. That said, don’t shoot at someone unless you know you can kill them or have a backup plan in case you don’t kill them.

    Second tip, similar to the first: Learn from your enemies. People play different. You may be good against all sorts of other people, but there are some people who’re particularly good at taking people like you down. If you notice the team likes to hang around the middle of the map, try to surprise them by going around and kill them from behind. Knife if possible. It saves ammo and if you don’t have a suppressor, you won’t be seen on the minimap (unless you don’t have ghost/pro and they have a spy plane/Blackbird and in which case, you’ll pretty much always be seen regardless). If they’re in a room that would probably be trapped with a claymore (like in Havana in those rooms where there are porches that go outside) and you see the enemy, shoot them. Odds are, there’s a claymore. If you see it though, destroy it or do whatever you can to get past it.

    Third… On the note of the claymore and the other two lessons. WATCH where you’re going and learn from where the enemy often places the claymores. Some like to place them in random places while others like to place them in places that people often go through. Learn from it. Often times, they’ll be around corners, be around doors, etc. ALSO, even without flak jacket, it’s quite possible to survive a claymore even when you don’t try to destroy it. Example, in Firing Range, a lot of people like to go in that wooden building near the bathroom and go on the second floor in that “room”. People often place claymores in front of places like that. What you can do, expect it or not, run into the door and quickly turn around. The blast will hit you, but it probably won’t kill you. It usually doesn’t for me. This said, like the corner tip the poster mentioned, ALWAYS expect claymores around corners and doorways.

    4. Also somewhat like my other tips, know your strengths and weaknesses. Everyone may specialize in something, but no one’s best at everything. Some people may say something like “Don’t use warlord! It’s useless!” or “Don’t use this or that killstreak”. I know people like to help, but don’t listen to them when they tell you what you can and can’t use. That’s the beauty of CoD, is the customization. If it helps you and works, then by all means, use it. Lots of people say warlord’s useless, but given that I suck at long-range shooting (not counting snipers, which I also kinda suck with, but that’s besides the point), the red dot sight helped me a lot along with the suppressor. If you can manage without using multiple attachments though, that’s nice. I used to have to use warlord with silencer and red dot, but I got better without red dot and started using sleight of hand instead, and since then, I’ve done better. MUCH. If you need a certain sight to help you AND a silencer or larger mags or whatever, by all means, use it. If you’re an ammo hog who sucks at aiming, use scavenger. Some people says it sucks and you normally won’t run out of ammo and all… no, you never know. Having it has helped me numerous times. I don’t primarily use it, but I do when I think I need to. Even hacker helps. I was playing TDM earlier and a guy on my team was about to walk through a doorway, but I had hacker on and saw a claymore that he was about to walk into, but I shot it and saved him from it. Hacker can be both useful to you AND your teammates.

    5. Be both realistic and “helpful”. This mostly applies for killstreaks. I’m one of those people who have almost no problem getting blackbirds and attack dogs in certain game modes and I say certain because I can’t do that in some game modes others can, like they can’t in some that I can. For “realistic”, I mean if you don’t think you can get a high killstreak often enough, don’t get it. It probably isn’t worth it. Example, I’ve never really been known to get high kill streaks in demolition, but I perform decently. For demolition, having napalm strike really helps. That said, plan your killstreaks. Some are better than others in different game modes. I find the mortar team completely useless in most game modes, BUT it’s proven to be helpful numerous times in domination. Really, plan your killstreaks right. Even the best of us don’t always do good enough to get blackbirds all the time, so don’t feel frustrated. Be realistic. As for “helpful”, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to get too many offensive killstreaks in game modes like TDM, like napalm strike and mortar team. It only helps so much and just gets in kills, or like the RC. Instead, you can get something like a spy plane and help EVERYONE in your team (assuming you have one) including yourself whereas an RC probably isn’t going to get you much kills. Oftentimes, support is the best weapon you have. It’s easy to avoid napalm most of the time, but if you have a spy plane, your team (or you) will probably see most or all enemies on their radar, which HELPS get more kills as opposed to the little you’d be getting with an offensive killstreak like an RC. Like I said, plan your killstreaks. Examples: For TDM, I use spy plane, blackbird and attack dogs. For FFA, I use spy plane, counter spy plane and attack helicopter. For demolition, I use spy plane, counter spy plane and napalm strike and like to cover the bomb sites with napalm if possible. To get more in depth, however, certain killstreaks don’t “work” on certain maps. Example, playing on a map that has a LOT of cover (like Hanoi and Radiation) will most likely render killstreaks such as chopper gunner/pilot, napalm strike and especially mortar team useless. Examples, mortar team it nearly useless in demolition in my opinion because one of the bombs are INSIDE and the other, you can close and open the thing and if it’s closed, you’d either have to open it if you can or whatever. I also found the heli to be useless in a map like Radiation because of all the cover. You can be in a building, underground or whatever. You also need to take into consideration the possibility of you getting shot down. For these reasons, I prefer attack dogs. You can kill them, but they keep spawning for a while and will go after lots of people while you go and find others. It’s like you gained six more people or so on your team and a lot of maps don’t have a lot of places people can climb on to hide from dogs and hide from you at the same time, making it more difficult to do.

    6. Do NOT go by the bars the gun stats show. My friend taught me this one and I did agree with him. A weapon’s only as good as the person using it makes it out to be. Some people are good with the Aug while I suck with it. I’m good with the enfiled while others prefer others like the famas. I do okay with the famas, but prefer other weapons like the M16. Just because it’s a three-round burst weapon doesn’t mean it sucks, but again, know your strengths and weaknesses. I do normally suck long-range, but I do good with the M16 long-range and bad close-range while other assault rifles (fully automatic) do good for me close range and bad long-range. Yes, I know how to use one long-range, but I still do bad. Again, weapons are only as good as you handle them. I personally find the enfield to be a great weapon while I hate using the Aug and would easily prefer the Enfield over the Aug any day.

    7. When trying to get pro perks, try to “stack” them. Example, flak jacket and ninja’s challenges both have you plant bombs in demolition and the other game mode that has a bomb (can’t remember the name), so in order to kill two birds with one stone, do them both. In a “real-life example” by me, I mainly use marathon, ghost and sleight of hand. What I do is play capture the flag so I can try to get flag captures, complete the challenges for sleight of hand and the challenges for ghost (like shooting down enemy aircraft). I would pretty much always recommend using ghost/ghost pro for CTF because if you’re trying to capture the flag, the enemy uses a spy plane and you don’t have ghost, you’re a huge target that anyone can go and find. It’s like using the blackbird when you have the flag and they use the spy plane, except the spy plane is obviously way easier to get. It helps. With marathon, you’re capturing flags, running around gaining mileage and then using ghost helps with the challenges as well as sleight of hand. I hate CTF, but I like marathon pro, so I put up with it.

    8. Live to tell the tale. Really, if you’re up against like three people at once and try to kill just one, don’t. Run away, throw a grenade (I know I said the grenades are up to the user, but I personally find concussions to be the best if not nova gas, even though you only get one), reload, try again. This has really helped me too. Trust me, it works. Why get one death when you can get maybe three kills instead? It doesn’t always work, but when you do get it to work, believe me, you’ll always feel proud of yourself for pulling it off. Running right in the obvious way doesn’t always help, so catch the enemies off-guard, take some cover and time to reload and start shooting away again.

    9. You have multiple classes for a reason. USE THEM. Even though I’ll admit I’m not the best, it’s not usually uncommon to see me with the least amount of deaths or one of the highest ratios in the game. Really, I didn’t make it from lvl 1 to 50 by using ONE CLASS. I like to make certain classes be for something. This is my last “tip”, so I’ll go into detail with MY personal preferences, WHY and whatnot.
    So you start off with five classes… how do you customize them? Well, one thing is to build ONE class at a time, preferably starting with the one you think you’ll be using the most (or at least until you get better weapons). To get more in depth, start with the stuff you think will help you the most. For example, here are the three main perks I use just about all the time: Ghost, sleight of hand and marathon. I also upgrade these to pro ASAP, but anyway… start with the perk you think would help most and also try to get rid of the one you think is the most useless. Example, I don’t like hardened and sleight of hand really helps me, so I always get that first. Next up, I like to get ghost. Lastly, marathon. Those are just MY personal examples and experiences though. I like being able to reload quickly and since I originally used ninja over marathon, I adapted to not running around like a madman and would prefer sleight of hand over marathon. Besides, if I remember correctly, the perk you start with in tier 3 is tactical mask, which isn’t half-bad if you ask me. This is all just for perks though. I personally think the gun comes first, but by the time you can customize your stuff, you should be able to buy a gun and a couple other stuff. Don’t just randomly think, “Well I need this so I’ll buy it randomly”. Trust me, slow down, take things one at a time and relax. Anyway, I got a bit off-topic with the main point I tried to make. When I form my classes, I like to have classes for different things, namely long-range and close-range. I like to have two assault rifle classes (M16, usually used in bigger maps or when I expect some long-range shooting and then a fully-automatic assault rifle like an enfield, galil, AK47, etc.), an SMG class (which is great for small maps like nuketown. With SMG’s, you can hard-aim/ADS and move around faster than you can with other guns to shoot so you can dodge enemies more effectively and get around faster), a shotgun class (which is also good for smaller maps) and a sniper class (which should be obvious). I didn’t list the weapons I’d use for each weapon because my opinion doesn’t really matter with this. YOUR opinion matters in this case, not mine. I only listed what weapons I use for assault rifle classes so people can get an understanding of why I did it. I obviously have specific reasons for two assault rifle classes, but if you don’t NEED them like I sorta do, then do what you want. A lot of people don’t like the M16 anyway. Now, HOW you set up each class is up to you and again, these types of classes are just to my liking and often fit ANY situation there is. As for each class, I do like to set up stuff that would help that specific class out. Example, for my shotgun class, I’d set lightweight, sleight of hand and maybe either marathon or ninja. Grenades aren’t important enough to me to mention at all because you should already know what you’re good with. One grenade isn’t better than the other. Again, things are only as good as you can make them. Some are better with frags while others do better with semtex’s. Anyway, for a sniper class, I’d set maybe a motion sensor and then scout (or whatever the one that lets you hold your breath longer’s called), sleight of hand (hardened also helps if you like instead) and then marathon/pro or ninja/pro (ninja can help you get around quietly and helps you hear enemies louder, so if you’re in a specific spot, you can hear them better). As for my assault rifle classes (which pretty much serve as my MAIN classes), I’d mainly use marathon/pro, sleight of hand/pro and ghost/pro along with my grenades. As for attachments, pretty much any weapon that can get a silencer will get a silencer for me. I use stakeout for my shotgun class though, so that gets a grip instead of a silencer. I like to remain hidden from the radar as much as possible and it works wonders sneaking around and running around like a madman if I have to. I hate the limited running capabilities your character has. If you’re prestiging a lot, take advantage of the extra classes and make them “special”. Example, when I got my sixth class, I set up the first five and then I made the sixth one an “anti-camper” class, which has a flak jacket (pro not needed), hacker (pro if possible) and the tier two perk is up to you, but hardened or sleight of hand might help. I don’t find pro necessary for either perk though, but it’s up to you. The flak jacket can take a claymore hit, which is great. Helps against campers. I set up a gun that has a grenade launcher attachment for a quick kill if necessary, an RPG which also helps so I don’t have to worry about accuracy and then C4 (which I don’t usually need, but it has helped on few occasions). Again, this is a “special” class and don’t think you should set it up in your first five classes unless you don’t use your first five classes like I normally would. I ONLY use it if I start to notice some idiot’s camping. I hate campers…

    Not really a big tip, but general rule of thumb… like the poster said, think like a good player. I lost count of how many times I’ve seen someone be stupid enough to stand in the middle of the field and decide to pull out their RC. I thought it was comment sense not to leave yourself out in the open, but apparently, it isn’t. Even as a beginner, that was something that came automatic to me, but apparently not to anyone else. I’ve seen lots of people run into the middle of the field and decide it was a good time to use their RC or call in a napalm strike. I was playing a close match against another team in TDM and the score was 7400-7400 until someone on my team decided to stand in the middle of the field in Cracked to use their RC, then they end up on the final killcam and I bet a lot of people without their mics (most people) were probably like, “WHAT THE F*CK WHY DID HE JUST STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD TO USE HIS RC?! WE COULD’VE WON!” I agree. If you’re going to use an RC, call in a napalm strike, use a heli, whatever, HIDE. HIDE. HIDE. Leaving yourself out in the open completely vulnerable while using an RC or heli is really really stupid. If you’re in Nuketown, hide behind a fence. If you’re in Array, it’s a huge map. Go prone and hide somewhere in the back of the map. If you’re in Firing Range, hide in the bathroom or behind that little wall in the back. If you’re in Radiation, find a hiding spot. There’s lots of em, like most maps. Trust me.

    Put these tips together with TheDizle’s and you should be well on your way. :) I honestly didn’t mean to put this many, but I got carried away and can never help but to get too detailed, so I’m sorry if it seems like a bit much. I’m only trying to help and I think the details would help those who read it get a better understanding as to why I use said methods or have specific reasons and I know some people like things straight to the point, but people like me like detail in case “straight-to-the-point” doesn’t make enough sense or sounds stupid to you, . These are also just tips to help you get BETTER, not get more XP or CoD points. These are tips I personally find helpful and could help anyone as I don’t tell you “Use ghost pro, marathon pro, sleight of hand pro and add silencers to all of your guns.” or “Use Aug. It’s the best.” No. That’s also why I didn’t mention what SMG to use in #9. Lots of people like different SMG’s. I’m not a noob on Black Ops, believe me. If you don’t agree with these, that’s fine, but these are stuff I learned from my personal experiences with Black Ops.

  5. chronochocobo87 says

    i have to go back on what i wrote earlier. now that ive played quite alot. (1st prestige lvl 37) ive settled into what i like to use. famas with grenade launcher(gets me kills when ppl like to hide) tomahawk and claymores. hardline sleight of hand and hacker. or ak74u with grip and rapid fire with scavenger warlord and hacker. with these two classes i ALWAYS finish top 3. add me if u want help. ChronoChocobo87 on xbl

    • says

      Thanks for posting your results. It’s all about what feels comfortable to you.. I never worry about what the masses are doing, or if they’re bitching about the noob tube. Find something that works and go with it.

  6. Jackie says

    I’ve been playing BO for a while now. I’m 7th prestige and getting better! Some of the tips you posted are actually very helpful, thank a bunch! Black Ops is one of my favorite games and I can say that as a girl gamer.

  7. ITFC123 says

    well im level 43 but im still rubbish!!
    thanks for this!
    i especially find the corner thing helpful, this gets me one or two extra kills per match!!

  8. ZoenHaileyrok says

    My husband and I play every night when he gets home from work. This is one game we have in common. I really agree with pretty much everything you said! I myself have been playing for a short time. What I am wondering is if there is some sort of cheat code out there that people got a hold of to where some guns dont kill them? I use the Aug and my husband uses Famas (I think thats what it is) We both use them with red dot. When we are shotting someone we here the “boof boof” but they don’t die they kill us instead. Could be my shooting because its not that geat, I usually go crazy and shoot everwhere else instead of the person :) but on average I have about 10 kills depending on the map and game its self. And I also was wondering about people with kill numbers in the 40’s and 50’s. That is alot of kills most I have gotten was 20 something. Do people who play on the computer get more kills or is it they are that experienced? I refuse to get a microphone because of my husband, as
    wll as myself hearing these what sound like little kids cussin like sailors. I know I had another question, but cant remember it now. Well thanks for reading!

    • says

      No, I’ve seen no such cheats. This will be more skill than anything.

      You have to remember that where you hit counts. If they pop you a couple times in the head, and you get them a few times in the chest at the same time, you will be the one to die every time. Try to get used to aiming at the top of the chest if you’re having trouble getting head shots, that way your recoil will have you finishing them off in the head.

      If you find yourself spraying wildly, maybe try to bump your sensitivity down a notch, or try a different gun. I find that I am much better with certain guns, and they may not be the guns that are popular with everyone else. Also, I’d suggest not fussing with the red dot sight. Get used to the iron sight, and use an attachment that will get you more kills, like the noob toob. Who gives a shit if someone gives you grief for using it if it gets you kills? That’s my opinion anyway.

      As far as the guys getting insane numbers of kills, that’s just really good players playing far below their skill level. One of my biggest pet peeves with all of the Call of Duty games is that their matchmaking is shit. You can end up playing against people that should be playing with pros, so the games aren’t remotely close to fair. Most of them only use the best and hardest to get killstreaks, so by the end of the match they’ve got dogs out, a chopper gunner, and a blackbird and you can hardly spawn without dying.

      BTW, playing CoD online is not cross compatible, so if you’re playing on Xbox 360, you’re only playing against other Xbox 360 players. That’s the same with PS3 and PC versions as well.

      If you still enjoy the game, stick with it and just keep practicing and getting better, and you too will eventually be pwning the faces of noobs all over the globe!

  9. Don't says

    So it has been brought to my attention that this article was copied off someone else. Teanah Palacios of
    Whoever took this article needs to not steal other people’s words. Just sayin.

    • says

      That’s funny, considering you didn’t provide a link to the article in question, and searching their site returns nothing even remotely close, not to mention the person you say I stole it from has written two black ops articles that aren’t even guides. Here’s the link to Tina “Teanah “Palacios if you’d really like to do some research.

      This article was written 100% by me, so if you find it somewhere else, they copied it.. not the other way around. Whoever commented this should check their facts, just sayin.

  10. ChronoChocobo87 says

    I just started playing COD BO online only about two weeks ago, and though at first i was hitting low kills with high deaths, now that ive started playing Combat Training, ive watched my Online kills hit 15-20 easy, usually putting me in thrid or fourth place. Also, i agree with the sleight of had perk and warlord is a waste of time. I usually use either a suppressor or red dot. Very raerly will i use ACOG(i only use it on a sniper rifle)

  11. rfetr says

    az ak74u az a fwgyver amivel általában vagyok miért? mert gyorsan lehet vele mozogni és nagyon jó a tűzereje ez a perosítás jó de a rapidfire az amivel jól használható

  12. Chris says

    I’m one of the best players in my area and am ranked in the top 1000 on TDM.. average 30 kills a game.. my tips o players dont use a scope it is a waste.. when i started i used the famas with a red dot and watched those better players use extended mag. or duel mag or noob tube. Learn to aim with the iron sights and do not use warlord, slight of hand pro only. Also start every match with light weight and marathon with a sub machine gun (ak47u-rapid fire is what i use). First time you die switch to Ghost pro and hacker pro (get these pro’s its very fun hacking someones turret). Reason being there are no UAV’s in the first couple of minutes so you running full speed around array flanking everyone will get you mass kills. Everything in this guide i already use and could add a paragraph to each hint haha. I can not remember the last time my kill/death ratio was negative.. all you need to do is play smart!!

  13. Jwheel80 says

    A lot of good tips here. Kinda idealistic though, I would love to use the audio for strategy and such…usually end up muting everyone due to annoyances like whining, pointless swearing or music. I’ve seen too many players standing there muting during gameplay. Also I’ve noticed a lag in the replay if you are killed, so I stopped getting so upset or annoyed if it didn’t look like he got me or didn’t show I fired my weapon if I did. :)

  14. Tooooooooooooom says

    Don’t bother with warlord. Sleight of hand pro is worth it. I usually go scavenger but if you can use dual mags then do that, and use ghost instead. Marathon pro just makes ure games more fun so use that unless your playing S&D or something. For killstreaks go blackbird chopper gunner and dogs. If u watch ure minimap then u can get dogs each game. Play domination because the games are generally longer.

    • says

      I agree with most of this, however while Blackbird / Chopper Gunner / Dogs may be effective for really good cod players, your average joe won’t be able to pull it off the majority of the time. I would reserve that combo for when you begin to get long killstreaks consistently.

      • David says

        Honestly I don’t bother with scavenger even most good players don’t run out of ammo before they die. I usually take Ghost pro, Marathon, and Hacker or (Yes I know its frowned upon) Last stand.

  15. Sean says

    Wow ive been playing first person shooters since i was 4 and ive jever seen such a helpful guide
    Currently i do awfully my tv has a 1 second lag so you can imagine how anoying it is
    Recently i started using a diffrent tv of line with litle to no lag
    Ive been getting 15-10 more or less everygame and i temd to for get the basics listed in this guide
    Ill he sure to remember them now-a-days
    Thanks allot :)

  16. Put name here says

    I first started out about 2 months ago and I Played against my cousin who souls pop out of no where and ballistic knifing me. I had to learn fast against him and now I attack dog him every game thanks to the tip about moving and shooting

    P.S. I think the Stakeout w/ grip and the crossbow along with semtex, flashbangs, and C4 help
    Perks: sight of hand pro, Scavenger pro and second chance pro help alot with this class.

  17. George says

    The Famas with the Red Dot and suppressor on is the best combo. Choose a pistol for your secondary, but when you kill someone with a good gun, get it. Have simatex, nova gas, and claymore. Then hardline, warlord and ninja.

    I find this is the best combo however i think that its down to reaction times. You need to get good and aiming and firing quickly. Before i was getting K/D of about 0.5, now using this class I can get around 4.

    Just dont run out into the middle of the map, keep to the edges and be on the constant look out for enemy.

    Also i find that having quick reactions to knifing someone always helps because in class combat its hard to shoot.

  18. Tradingkittens says

    Also i strongly disagree with using a Famas because its the most irritating guns for other players if u want skill go for something else if u want easy EXP go famas

  19. Tradingkittens says

    im usually not horrible i go with tomahawks and a MPL and usually get a high KDR mine currently is 2.00 but ive been wondering how to make this game a little easier giving me the extra edge and this did it add me on live Tradingkittens

  20. GENO says

    THANKS ALOT!! I got my first chopper gunner
    Wit these tips and now I’m second prestige level 47!!
    Add Me on ps3 (genogeno1) ADD MEEE!! PLZZ

  21. Dan says

    Great tips, when i first got Black ops i was terrible even though my k/d on mw2 and cod 4 is over 1.4.. but i got better and am level 42 in 7 days (18 hours play time)

  22. Matt says

    Hey this is a great article for many beginners. I agree with a lot of the stuff that has been said on here. I have been playing for a while now. I quick scope most of the time on black ops mainly because I just got use to it. Still though game play online is basically a classroom full of teachers. I am now 6th prestige for 2 days and already am on level 34. I only play for a couple hours. But I have learned the maps and everything and have figured out what works. If you ever need help let me know I play on Xbox live : xXMattNDewXx add that gamertag but send a message explaining why you sent it OK thanks.

  23. rudad5 says

    why dont they ever solve the server problem?? it’s really depressing to know that they havent dont any thing ever since the first one why?

  24. partyboy says

    I play on a standard def TV on mute to hone my skills and then unleash the beast with the 42″hd and surround sound headset! i get half raped on standard def but go like 9-1 on search and destroy on HD so its all about practise

  25. Dan says

    Very good tips, but you might want to add some things. 1. The number one mistake new players make is to rush to the objective. The key to racking up your kill count is instead, aiming for the people going after the objective. For example, in sabotage many players find it neccesary to try and plant the bomb. This usually guarantees many deaths because people can see the bomb holder. Instead a player should play the game like team deathmatch, and hover around the bomb and surrounding pathways. CAMPING IS A LEGIT STRATEGY only if you try to switch spots after every kill. It works most of the time. Objective based games should always be played as if you only are trying to get kills.
    2. I use a custom class that almost guarantees a chopper gunner every game. This is only a suggestion of a class you can use.

    Weapon: FAMAS
    Attachments: Dual Magazine and Supressor
    Perk 1: Ghost or Ghost Pro
    Perk 2: Warlord Pro
    Perk 3: Ninja Pro
    Tactical Grenade: Flashbang
    Primary Grenade: Semtex
    Equipment: Motion Sensor

    This class guarantees stealthy kills and high kill streaks

  26. Ray Kimbrell says

    I have ghost pro. But still some player run to my location
    and shoot me like, I’m one big red dot on the map. And i have not fired a shot. And I have a silencer on. There cheating some how. Is there any map cheats out there.If
    so contact me.Multiplayer only.

    • says

      They’re not cheating, they’re just good. Good players don’t always rely on the radar. Also, Ghost Pro doesn’t hide you from Blackbirds.

      • grim repa says

        i wanted 2 kno if u can play combat training offline. cuz sum people are saying that u need a xbox live account

  27. dooming machine says

    I am prestige 14 and a lot of what is said on here makes sense, the only way to play and improve though is through playing and learning all the time, Lag and signal play a huge part in the game no matter how good your skill is, some games your kills are easy and kill count high, other days you gotta work for them. Use your head and don’t be predictable, also being a revenge freak will get you owned and experienced players use these type of people to get streaks out of (trust me on this!)use cover and remember that flash banging or stun grenading around a corner is often the best way to go, also be careful when travelling in numbers as experienced players will have a grenade waiting for your numbers when they figure out your travel arrangements.

    • weemer says

      this is all helpful advice im a really new player and get killed loads even though i try to stay alive i cant manage it too well lol. If anyone wants to add me then im weemer78 and i suck lol. I dont take it too seriously and am loving the game look me up on PS3

    • Mulak96 says

      I would 100% agree. I am only prestige level 2 but each time I have played through the game I have leveled up faster than my last. One sughem and discuss and compare strategiesgestion I have is to add friends that are higher levels than you. Most won’t accvept but if you find someone who does, invite them to games and make parties. Play with them and watch their style of gameplay. It is also nice to ave a friend who can watch your back sometimes. I havea slow connection speed so I don’t always get a very high K/D but if you keep playing you will grow accustomed to it.

    • Sean says

      Yeah i agree with you
      If you het killed or your equipment is destrpyed dont go after it
      Often times Ill destroy someones cpaymore then hide around the corner
      They come rushing out looking for who ever destroyed it and then i get the easy kill
      Aswell as
      In the beggining of a game ill see someone coming and kill them
      Because its the begging they usually spawn back near their starting point
      And then they use the same strategy thay got thim killed the last time
      Meanwhile im waiting for them to come back and i spot them again getting another easy kill

  28. drugsmoker says

    The trick is to camp a lot and yell into ur microphone loudly, using anything from cuss words to jibberish….always works, if u want to piss everyone off…if u want to do well then don’t follow my tips

  29. Waka flaka says

    Pleas for the sake of all online players don’t camp. It’s the most noobish thing you can possibly do.

    • chris says

      ok well i guess our military members because they dont run blindly into open areas instead taking cover or “camping” as you call it?

      • thomas j says

        well one of mygood friends is a marine and he prefers to use the psg1 and he will sit in the same spot for the whole match and he’ll have twenty some odd kills

    • kronik87420 says

      I play the xbox version but im sick of ppl complaining about ppl camping< this is a war simulation its not a race on who can get shot first you not sappouse to dive head first into bullets keep your ass covered the only ppl who hate campers are the ones to stupid to kill the guy that has shot him up a bunch of times from the same spot. I personaly am to impationt to camp but if u camp and it works right on

  30. Alex says

    Nice article.

    Let me start by saying when I first started black ops, I had a K/D ratio of about 0.5. Now it is 1.6ish, and I’ve learnt a lot. Here are some things I’ve picked up on:

    (1) Listen to the person who said DON’T MOVE AROUND CORNERS SLOWLY. Odds are if someone is waiting there, they’ll kill you before you even see them. Generally I take corners fast and scope in as quickly as possible to catch enemies unaware.

    (2) Stick near edges of a map. Less places to be seen. But if you do go into the middle, then move quickly between cover, and make sure you always (always!) watch your rear. Planting a claymore in a doorway you just went through is a good measure in case others follow you.

    (3) Don’t underestimate spy planes. They are the single most useful perk. If you tend to die lots and don’t know why, try using ghost – you will be found a lot less, and you can safely hide without being found when an enemy has a napalm or something incoming.

    (4) Don’t worry if you don’t get many kills: concentrate on not dying instead. You will find that you will get more kills simply by staying alive.

    (5) Be patient. Don’t rush into places foolishly.

    (6) MOST IMPORTANT. If you are camping at some particular time, and you kill someone, MOVE POSITIONS. They see your kill cam, and they will come and find you (I do this too). Even if you stay in the same room, switch corners or something, so that when they enter and expect to kill you, you will kill them again. Camping in the same location does not last; camping in different locations is far smarter.

    Hope it helps :)

    Also anyone add me as “Wildmini” on Ps3. I love to play online :)

    • Sean says

      Your agreemet about going around corners quickly is bad..
      You have no idea how many times i run around a corner trying to get somewhere and get killed instantly
      Move around cirners carefuly not slow and not quick
      Go to quick and youll lose your heading go to slow and tell spot you first
      Just be carefull around corners..

  31. DreSteeed says

    Messed up thing to watchout for in lack ops…played random team and won. the next game one of their old teammates got in our party somehow and kept us spawning away from the headquarters…messed up right

  32. burfs says

    I havent played video games in years but I just started playing COD black ops multiplayer for a full day yesterday. I am up to level 18 but I am still your typical 2 kills 12 deaths player most of the time.

    I do think it has to do a lot with my connection speed tho sometimes as it seems that players turn and kill me so much quicker than I can. Its like they come around a corner and shoot me before I even see them. And in the replays it looks like im standing facing them doing nothing.

    But then again maybe Im just a noob. Im making good use of claymores and try to watch what other people do but they seem to line me up like 100 times quicker and better than I can to them. Maybe also its cos I dont have many of the better guns yet. Anyway Im burfs81 if anyone wants to give me help.

    • says

      @burfs That’s how it always feels at first. COD in general has a fairly steep learning curve when playing online, so just keep at it. Keep watching videos, find weapons that you feel comfortable with, and find the gametype that fits you most.

    • Funnymadman says

      No you aren’t a noob…It’s that it’s practice. Practiced players have the “First-person shooter eye”…They can spot the body of a player quickly and easily. In a couple of weeks, you will have that eye too…Turst me man :D

      It’s also in their perks. Most of them use Sleight of Hand Pro, which makes you as soon as you click L1 (or the XBox button for using the sight), it will barely take any time before they are ready to shoot. Any player without that has to wait for the sight to show up, and while it doesn’t seem much, that .5 second delay in Black Ops can kill any player.

      My advice to you? I had the same trouble when I was a beginner, and what I did was try to get Sleight of Hand Pro, not hard, comes in pretty automaticly with time. Until then, DON’T AIM THEN SHOOT…As soon as you see someone, aim AND shoot…at once. Click both buttons. also, dont reload after every kill until you are safe. Good luck!

  33. pumal says

    one suggestion i would add to the person who made this. never take your corners slow. if i am gona camp im gona make sure my back is covered so all i have to do is worry about what is in front of me. i will most likey be zoomed in and once i see the littlest movement ill light u up like a x-mas tree. a good trick to do when going around any object is called pieing the corner. think of a pie and how it is shaped when u go around the corner and if u follow that pie shape around it not only are u moving left/right but u are moving towards the person to rush them so u can basicly go from right in front to having their side in a matter of half a second. which is a way safer place to be firing at a enemy in any case. hope this helps

  34. The1BoomShaka says

    Posting this from my mobile phone so please excuse any typos.

    If I could add additional advice to this already very well written article, which I love as a more experienced player because I can’t stand the guy that goes 2 and 25.

    Adding onto the advice of always moving. Don’t feel like your only way of aiming is with the right stick. Sometimes you can have a guy almost lined up but you get killed shooting rounds over your targets shoulder or slightly off. Use your movement stick to fine tune your accuracy. Sometimes taking two steps over is the difference between a headshot and making swiss cheese on the back drop behind your target.

    I’d also add to learning the maps that it helps to change your strategy when you seem to go on a death streak. Sometimes that guy on the other team that racks up the kills is doing so because people are fighting on his terms. Change your strategy by taking a different route, or slowing your pace a little. If you wait for him to come out of his camping spot he might expose himself. By changing your predictability and showing some patience you can control the battle and make the enemy fight on your terms. If the other team complains about your strategy and pisses and moans, it’s likely because you’re kicking their ass by making them fight your way. A healthy balance between camping and aggression is a recipe for victory.

  35. obama says

    i have more tips, to protect your loyal nation, always keep on moving, aim for the head or on the chest, keep behind items that can protect you from bullets, use spy planes so you can discover enemy locations, the tips you gave were good.

  36. no one says

    go slow and use your eyes, listen for foot steps and shadows, stay close to walls and use cover, DONT CAMP u will get caught out works in the short run but not in the long and you dont learn the game

  37. Ricardo says

    Another good tip: whatever map you are on, stay on the outskirts of it. You will have less directions an enemy can sneak up on you from. If you get into the middle of a map, just about any enemy can see you from just about any direction.

    • Sean says

      I almost comletly agree but some maps the higher traffic areas are on the outskirts
      So just try and stay in the low trafficed area

  38. Wolf King says

    This are some pretty good tips. Also if your just starting try second chance pro. This allows allies to heal you, especially if you run alot. Don’t be too cautious because most people will blast you away if your really slow or get a knife in the back. Another plan is a chaos plan, to do this plan you must have a smoke or decoy grenade and an ally with the other. Have the smoke go off near an enemy and then use a decoy in the smoke. This also works for injured players to escape. Hope this was helpful!

  39. says

    you said this information was fit for beginners well your right but i’ve played call of duty modern warfare 1, 2, world at war and also black ops and im not a beginner but this information sure did come useful to me as will make me a lot more aware when playing, thanks.

  40. TheHulk5052 says

    Here are my tips for new cod players ive been playing since the begining and im gona give you a few tips that may seem obvious to some but when applied they do work. 1 you cant shoot something you dont see so ghost pro is a plus nobody likes being one kill away from a sweet killstreak and then falling short cuz of a attack chopper or getting crept up on and stabbed in the back. 2 when aiming down the sights and you see a guy off in the distance please dont just smash down the trigger and watch your gun go straight in the air the trick is burst fire even if you have a full auto weapon the longer you hold the trigger the less the odds your gonna hit that person and will likely end in you dieying by his bullets.3 if you are running around and somebody crosses your path you put a round or two in them and they turn the corner do not chase after them chances are they are waiting for you to turn the corner and meet your maker instead if you can go around him and find a path to sneak around or toss your stun or flash or whatever you carry and watch for hit markers if they appear you know hes waiting for you. 4 this is a big one never reload in the open that will get you killed trust me always try to find some cover and im a huge fan of slight of hand pro i use it on every class i have and try to keep an eye on the ammount of bullets you have left never turn the next corner with a few in the clip always be locked and loaded also if you use the Rcxd when you deploy find a nice safe place dont be that guy thats just standing in the open using his rcxd. 5. if you are an anti-camper like me and they piss you off then i recomend hacker pro its great for locating that campers equiptment and trust me a good camper will have a suprise waiting for you my advice for this would be if its a claymore dont shoot it cuz it will inform him that its gone and he will come looking for who destroyed it just use ur stun or flash grenade this way he wont know its gone and if he is standing close to his equiptment you may get him as well then move in for the kill while he is stunned or blinded also please dont be that guy that tries to jump the claymores chances are you are not gonna make it. I hope that these tips will help some new players out there and if you already knew all this well then thats pretty good for you lol happy gaming and remember campers NEVER win hit me on xbox live TheHulk5052


      hey i liked the post ….i play at night like around 6-3 in the mornin….add me as a friend i dont have a mike but thats ok ,,,,i just got a xbox 360…sooooo im playing as much as possible…..if u get bord or whatever…invite me to a death match or somthing….peace

  41. Luke Davenport says

    What if you can only play once a week! I’m only 11 and need help trying to get to prestige before a new COD comes!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

    • RRR says

      I am 12 play sat and sun. only.
      If you want to win, don’t camp unless you are in a large map.
      Do not use Flamethrowers, grenade launchers, of masterkeys.
      It is better to use warlord pro and get suppresser and a scope, or scope of some sort and faster rate of fire. (Submachines only)
      If you snipe, get a pistol and go through meach ones attachments until you find full auto upgrade. Your pistol will fire like a machine gun.
      Do not use tactical insertion. Chances are, (and this used to happen to me) you will get killed close to it and you enemy gets 2 kills for the price of 1.

    • EvoZ says

      The AK74u is badass for short-medium range shots, it’s pointless for long range. I personally get more kills with the AUG it’s great at both short and long range with an ACOG scope.

  42. Syed says

    This is a very useful article. I was a beginner and I see a lot of what this article speaks of fit my gameplay. I am not very good in domination but rather good in deathmatches. Thus, I usually stick to deathmatch. Any tips for domination?

    • says

      @Syed There are a lot of different tactics that can be used for Domination. I like to post up on a heavy traffic dom spot and guard it as best as I can. Deathmatch style players seem to enjoy spawn camping at the enemy domination spots. Either way, Marathon is nearly a must so you can get to domination points as quickly as possible. Ghost and Hardline are probably the most used 1st tier perks. If you’re good at deathmatch, you’ll probably be pretty good at domination as well, because a lot of it has to do with controlling your enemy.. if you can keep them dead and control the map, you’ll most likely win.

  43. Jason Coleman says

    Hi I,m new to the xbox and COD Black Ops but I love it and curently rank 36 ready to level up.I love the tips there great Im glad someone realizes there are new players that just really love the game thank you for your tips cant wait to put them to work.I also have been in combat training I started with 15 kills then 20 then 30 now Im up to like 57 kills on nuketown map so I new it was time to see if I was any better online, I was but still need improvement,so I always start with 1 to 2 rounds of training to work the bugs out before I go online thanks a million DaddyRabbit6 xbox.

  44. Dante says

    These tips are real good. Especiallly the one bout taking it slow round corners. Iv died a hell of a lot of times by rushing around corners..
    If ne one wishes to kill me.. or die by me.. add Danteghost thats my psn id (PS3)

  45. Pete chesworth says

    Am new to MW although i am improving i sometimes seem to shoot players and they do not die but turn around and kill me w=even though i know i hit them a number of times first.

    Is there some type of time lag which is affectimg my game because of the speed of the internet.


    • says

      @Pete There is always lag in online games like these, but most of the time it’s more skill than lag. Just keep playing and you’ll get better. Figure out which weapons you’re strongest with, use perks that suit your play style best, etc. Play as many games as possible, and I assure you it will come in time.

    • kronik87420 says

      your probbly playn on core i also got sick of emtying a clip and the buddy turning around and killing me thats why i switched to hardcore i can get alot higher K/D ratio

  46. name says

    hey thanks see im level 31 and i just camp most of the time and i always use my equipment but some people tell me just to use c4 and i don’t know if i show up on radar if i use c4 when i pull the trigger and whats the best perks and weapons to use and i play team death match and nuke town is a big hit on the wii version so whats the best class to use there.

  47. Brandon Schlamp says

    Nice tips I remember back a few years ago when I used to use this stuff now this stuff just seems common sense although I realize that I needed these tips when I first started now I have my own strategies and have been playing since call of duty world at war came out and have a k/d ratio of 1.60 way better than my world at war one of like .60 and mw2 one of .80 lol.

  48. sayhi2myak47 says

    @Zzkaptain_kushzZ, is that with a normal controler or a modded rapid fire controler. what i dont get is when i have the drop on someone and they still kill me first. I am on xbox360. another issue is at long didtance how people know you are the enemy and kill you from great distance. my best is 12 kills and 20 deaths

  49. ILLINI_CHL says

    Thanks a lot for the tips. A lot of it is just common sense, but sometimes sense isn’t always so common. ;)

    I have been getting destroyed in Black Ops after becoming a pretty good player in Uncharted 2. The action is much faster in Black Ops. I will use these tips. I need to slow down and work my way into the COD franchise. I have to realize a lot of these players have years of COD experience on me.

  50. Zzkaptain_kushzZ says

    Good tips for the noobs man! :D if anyone is looking to add some good players add me. My best kdr is 41 and 4. Tag is Zzkaptain_kushzZ if it doesn’t work try capitolizing the ks

  51. Anonymous says

    Tip #9…I agree completely. I play Team Deathmatch alot because that’s what my friends play. But when they’re not online, I am constantly playing Demolition, and if I go to the Cracked map, then I do really good. If anyone reading this post has ps3, add me. My PSN ID is WMFH.

  52. VTRacer43 says

    nice tips, i just started playing online, and i seem to do pretty well. my biggest problem is my kill to death ratio. do u have any idea’s to help with keeping the kill death ratio at its best?

    • says

      @VTRacer43 It mainly just comes with practice. Use ghost to stay off radars, try to find the best weapons that suit your playstyle, keep radars up at all times so you don’t get jumped.. and just play a lot. Don’t focus too much on KD though unless you’re doing a lot of deathmatch. It’s not nearly as important in objective games, so practice in those before you start playing deathmatch type games.

  53. Ausburn says

    I am a noon at call of duty and after falling these tips I have become level 25 in just 5 days i barely get killed anymore and I have lots of deaths i also have lots of respect from every one else these tips really work

  54. josh says

    hay one thing you should tell beginners is how do you make friends and stuff like that im thinking a lot of beginners also want to know about what a shooting dummie is

    • Jason says

      I’m decent at blackops (2.4 kd ratio, yes I know alot of people are better than me) but anyways, what’s a shooting dummy? Never heard of it.

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