Borderlands 2: How to Get Unlimited Golden Keys

In Borderlands 2 for the PS3, and Xbox 360, there are a couple of exploits you can use to keep using your golden key without ever using it up, which will essentially give you unlimited access to rare (purple) weapons, mods, and items.

These tricks require that you have access to at least one golden key however, so this won’t get you a free gold key. If any of your friends have one though, you can log onto their game to try it out, or check out my other guide for a tip to get at least one free gold key.

I’ve personally used both of these methods, and they work beautifully. Make sure to follow the steps exactly so you don’t risk losing your precious golden key.

Unlimited Golden Keys – Method 1

This method requires a USB stick, a second controller (or online co-op partner you can communicate with), and at least one golden key. It’s probably a good idea to save your game in Sanctuary as well, to have fast access to the golden chest.

Move the saved game that has access to the golden key over to the USB stick. You don’t have to copy the entire profile, just the saved game. Also make sure you don’t move the DLC file that has the golden key in it to the USB stick if that’s how you have access to your golden key, because removing the USB stick during your game while it’s accessing DLC on your USB stick will make it exit to the title screen.

Also, make sure your co-op partner’s profile is on the hard drive and not on the USB stick. This is important, and you’ll see why momentarily. If your co-op partner is an online player, then don’t worry about this.

Now, with your saved game on the USB stick, and your second profile on the hard drive (or an online co-op partner, etc), continue your game and point the console to your USB stick to load it. Take both players to the golden chest in Sanctuary. At this point, unplug the USB stick from your console. It will say that you can’t save from here on out unless you choose a new save location, so make you do not choose a new save location and just continue.

Now open the chest with the primary character, and have the second character loot the chest. Have the second character exit the game and save. Now, either exit the game forcefully with the Guide button or PS3 button and going to the home screen, depending on the console you’re using, or simply turn the console off.

When you continue your game, your co-op partner will have the items, and your golden key will still be available to use again. You can easily use the duplication exploit if you both want a copy of the items that you ended up with.

This was done on an unpatched version of the game, so this may be fixed in the future.

Unlimited Golden Keys – Method 2

This method is less effective than the first, since when you open the chest with a level 1 character, it gives you a maximum of level 7 items, which isn’t overly helpful for higher level characters. However it can help you get the Purple Reign challenge which will net you an easy 166 Badass tokens once you loot 20 purple weapons.

Log into the profile that has access to the golden key, and continue your game.

Anyone that joins this person in a co-op game will have access to the golden key as well, but it doesn’t use up the golden key on the owners profile, it only gets used on the profile of the person that joined you.

This means that you can create an infinite number of alternate profiles to join your game, use their golden key, take the rare items, and then log them off.

Once the golden key is used on that alternate profile, it’s gone from that profile for good. I tested this by quitting the game without saving on the alternate profile, and the golden key was still gone the next time I logged in with that profile.

This was done on an unpatched version of the game, so this may be fixed in the future.

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  1. Rikipalooza says

    Well, im going to try it out when i get borderlands 2, but ma neighbor has the game and we’re making co-op splitscreen True Vault Hunter mode.
    Well when we were on normal, i left my profile(zero) and entered with one of the same account (those accounts in PS3 menu) … When i got back to zero (my old profile) i had 11 golden keys (before that there was only 1 golden key!)

  2. unexpectedShwa says

    YO Game Farmers,
    This is a great way, but lets step it up shall we. Grab a USB external drive. Goto the dashboard and create a new profile and save it to the Flash drive. Go into the game and start it up with your real Profile as the main one, then hit start on a second controller and load a new character. Select the Flash drive for the second players location for saving while your in the main menu. Phase one complete.
    Phase 2, Play your main characters story once through then start the ..Phase 2 cont. start the True Vault Hunter (second play through) up to where you help out Tina with her party. once there, Kill all his bandits and wait in front of his place with your main character (controller1). Hit start on your second controller and bring in your LvL 1 whatever. it will say you have to play offline, hit ok. Have your second controller activate the invite for FleshStick, then waste him fast with your player1. do this until you second controller is LVL40 (takes 10mins)..
    Once happy with your LvL for your player2, fast travel to Sanctuary. Upon arrival, pull out the USB that the player 2 is saved on, It will ask you to choose a new save device, DONT. Hit cancel, walk your player2 controller to the crate, open it, and then sign out your Player2 not your Main player. Use your main character and collect the items then save and quit. Then all you have to do at the Main menu is plug in the USB, reload your Player2, continue to Sacntuary and as long as you pull the drive before you open the crate, you can rinse and repeat this process as much as you want, its flawless, but only works if you pre ordered the game. you will have 1 gold key that lasts forever as long as you follow the steps. and leveling is always a good idea for higher level better loot.

  3. Alexander Oneill says

    I have found a 100% perfect way to do this on the PS3, all it takes is having a key, Usb drive, and time.
    First save your Profile Data that matchs the time stamp of your last play ( one you want to use for this) to your USB drive( and the character too if you want to feel save)
    then simple go open the chest, take the items, save and quit, and then dash board out and copy your profile data back in
    the game will think you still have the key ( that data is saved in profile, not each character) but the character will have the items
    i have done this about 20 times so far and its only taken me maybe 30 mins ( once i figured it out lol)
    Hope this helps and enjoy
    Note this is pre patch

      • Alexander Oneill says

        and that using the same method and a second controller you can dup items and money, save the character to usb, give stuff to an alt, then copy and overwrite character info, get stuff back from alt, now you have twice as much XD, using math, 1 mill becomes 2, becomes 4, 8 16 each time takes max 5 mins, so in an hour you could have over 100mill if you started with a mill

  4. Joe Blow says

    I hope you realize that the gold keys are stored on your profile data. Make a copy of it, use up how many keys you have, delete the used data then copy back the old profile data then rince and repeat however many times you want. Whats great about this is you get guns at whatever characters level you unlock the safe at so the guns can be equipped right away.

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