Borderlands 2: How to Get Legendary (Orange) Weapons & Mods

There really are a ton of legendary (orange) weapons and mods in Borderlands 2, though they have a very low chance to drop from any of the given enemies or bosses.

Because of this, you’re going to have to either just get lucky, or farm for what you want.

The problem with getting lucky though is that, sure you may get one to drop by just playing through, but will it be the type of weapon or mod that you want?

That’s why farming is pretty much your best option to get what you’re after. It’s gonna be a time sink though, and you’ll probably either get extremely frustrated, or bored by the time you’re done.

This list should help you to at least know where to look for specific weapons and mods though. Keep in mind that some of these bosses and enemies are tied to specific missions, so it’s probably best to complete all quests in the listed area before you go around looking for the enemy that you need to kill.

If you want to farm a specific drop, then kill the boss or enemy listed and if the item you’re looking for doesn’t drop, then save and quit and try again, or leave the area and come back. Depending on the specific location of the enemy, one method may be faster than the other.

For the best odds of legendary drops, play with three other co-op partners.

If you have found a legendary drop that isn’t on this list, please leave details in the comments.

Legendary Weapon Locations

Assault Rifles
Hammer Buster – McNally in The Dust
KerBlaster – Midge-mong in Southern Shelf
Madhous! – Mad Dog in Lynchwood
Shredifier – Bonehead 2.0 in Arid Nexus
Veruc – Mobley in The Dust

Gub – Laney in The Fridge
Gunerang – Rakk Man in The Fridge
Hornet – Knuckledragger in Southern Shelf
Infinity – Doc Mercy in Southpaw Steam & Power
Logan’s Gun – Wilhelm in Snowblind Defile
Maggie – Mick Zafod in The Dust (side with Hodunks to fight him)
Thunderball Fists – Captain Flynt in Southern Shelf
Unkempt Harold – Savage Lee in Three Horns

Rocket Launchers
Badaboom – King Mong in Eridium Blight
Bunny – Chubby enemies
Mongol – Dukino’s Mom in Lynchwood
Norfleet – Vermivorous the Invincible in Tundra Express and Caustic Caverns
Nukem – Black Queen in The Dust
Pyrophobia – Incinerator Clayton in Frostburn Canyon

Conferance Call – The Warrior in Hero’s Pass
Deliverance – Tumba in Wildlife Preserve
Flakker – The Warrior in Hero’s Pass
Sledge’s Shotgun – Smash Head in The Fridge
Striker – Old Slappy in The Highlands – Outwash

Sniper Rifles
Invader – Saturn in Arid Nexus – Badlands
Longbow – Badass Creeper in Caustic Caverns
Lyuda – Gettle in The Dust
Pitchfork – Terramorphous in Terramorphous Peak
Skullmasher – Son of Mothrakk in Wildlife Preserve
Volcano – The Warrior in Hero’s Pass

Baby Maker – Madame Von Bartlesby in Tundra Express, or Mad Dog in Lynchwood
Bitch – BNK3R in The Bunker
Emperor – The Assassins in Southpaw Steam & Power
Hellfire – Scorch in Frostburn Canyon, or The Warrior in Hero’s Pass
Slagga – Hodunk in The Dust

Legendary Mod Locations

Class Mods
Legendary – Vermivorous the Invincible in Tundra Express and Caustic Caverns
Slayer of Terramorphous – Terramorphous in Terramorphous Peak

Blood of Terramorphous – Terramorphous in Terramorphous Peak

Grenade Mods
Bonus Package – Boom Bewm in Southern Shelf
Bouncing Bonnie – Loot Midgets
Fastball – Boll in Three Horns
Leech – The Warrior in Hero’s Pass
Nasty Surprise – Vermivorous the Invincible in Tundra Express and Caustic Caverns
Pandemic – Badass Constructor
Quasar – Ultimate Badass Varkid
Rolling Thunder – Wilhelm in Snowblind Defile
Storm Front – Rat Brothers in Bloodshot Stronghold

Shield Mods
Black Hole – Foreman in Opportunity
Fabled Tortoise – Blue in Caustic Caverns
Hide of Terramorphous – Terramorphous in Terramorphous Peak
Impaler – The Warrior in Hero’s Pass
Neogenator – Spycho in Frostburn Canyon
The Bee – Hunter Hellquist in Arid Nexus – Badlands
The Cradle – Henry in Overlook
The Sham – BNK3R in The Bunker
The Transformer – Pimon in Wildlife Preserve
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Chubby enemies

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  1. Jonathan says

    I was told there are forum chat rooms that have people that will just give you legendary items (shields and such). Is that true? I really want to get a transformer shield but I have had no luck on my own.

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