Batman – Arkham City: How to Save Your Game

In Batman: Arkham City for the PS3 and Xbox 360, the game is based on checkpoints and automatic saves. There is not a built in way to save your game via the menus, but there is a work-around for this.

The easiest way to force the game to save is by simply entering or exiting a building. There are a lot of buildings in the city you can enter, so just turn on detective mode and look for the nearest glowing door.

Alternatively, the game will also save after you beat up a group of bad guys.

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  1. hamidreza says

    Frankly, I did but when I replace my save game download Batman. And I can not save anything like.When I put my first download the save but was eliminated save alert., And I can not do anything. What do I do? please help?

  2. dip thanki says

    its a very very stupid game . game maker forget to put save feature in it i will never buy any batman game………………

  3. Imran says

    The Fix is Very Easy ……the Problem is All because of GFWL because it is not launching so to Fix this is To create a new Windows Login Account (Administrator 1) and then launch Batman Arkham City and press home key and Create Offline(local Account) and you are good to go….Will be able to save game

  4. umer says

    Well i just faced the same problem so after playing a session i minimize the game and then hibernate my pc…

  5. swordofhonor says

    goddamit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i instaled the stupid games for windows live and it ascs for update i instaled it and now i have some stupid games for windows live marketplace and i log in to it i already have a xbox live acount so i dont need to register i enter batman and that ,,press the home buton to pop up the console,, thing everyone is talking about doesnt work!!!! can someone help me

  6. Shamin says

    install games for windows live on your computer.when the game starts press the home key on your keyboard,a pop up will turn up,create a offline profile and then start playing the using the above steps you can start saving your game and auto save feature will also start running..

    • sainath says

      Hi shamin, i did just as you said but i was unable get the pop-up and hence i’m unable to save the game. Is there any step still i have to take for saving the game? and one more problem is the continuity of the game is missing when joker captures batman and pushes him out of the window? can u suggest any solution for this?

  7. John says

    ” Batman Arkham City” Bottom line how does one buy a game that does not save! It would have been nice if they gave us the heads up before we spent money on a game that has a lot of bugs and glitches!!! The game play is ultra cool but come to one part of the game when joker pushes you out the window on a wheel chair and that’s the end of that! No more stages! Then I restart and the game starts from the beginning again!!! WTF!!

  8. Jesusavedme says

    Yeaaa, having the same issue here as well. My brother is playing the game, he checked the settings and there is nothing that has a setting for autosave. It’s rather annoying if anyone knows what to do, clearly, please let me know.

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