Assassin’s Creed 3: How to Level Up Artisans

Leveling up artisans in Assassin’s Creed 3 will help you get some nice weapons and upgrades, but it does take a bit of work.

In order to get the different artisans in the game, you need to do the Homestead missions starting in Sequence 5. After that you’ll keep doing several in each sequence (except Sequence 11, which just has one) and you can’t miss any or you’ll risk not being able to level them up any longer since they are sequence specific.

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Homestead Missions List

Sequence 5 Homestead Missions
Go back to Achilles after completing the first Lumberer’s mission

Lumberer Level 1 (Only during Summer)
Woodworker Level 1
Farmer Level 1 (In the Frontier)
Lumberer Level 2

Sequence 6 Homestead Missions
Talk to Achilles to start the “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” side quest, but don’t complete it until after you have recruited all artisans in Sequence 11

Lumberer Level 3
Farmer Level 3 (Only during summer)
Huntress Level 1
Miner Level 1 (In Boston)
Huntress Level 2

Sequence 7 Homestead Missions
After you stay with the Innkeeper, you’ll be able to start Achilles’ side quest if you have started his previous side quest in Sequence 6 but haven’t completed it

Innkeeper Level 1
Miner Level 2 (Available after completing Achilles’ Sequence 7 side-quest)
Lumberer Level 4
Farmer Level 3
Miner Level 3
Farmer Level 4

Sequence 8 Homestead Missions
Miner Level 4
Blacksmith Level 1 (In Frontier, only during Summer)

Sequence 9 Homestead Missions
You can get Achilles’ side quest in New York after completing all of the following missions

Tailor Level 1 (In New York)
Priest Level 1
Doctor Level 1
Blacksmith Level 2 (In New York)
Huntress Level 3
Woodworker Level 2 (In Boston)
Tailor Level 2
Tailor Level 3
Priest Level 2
Blacksmith Level 3 (In Boston, only during Summer)

Sequence 10 Homestead Missions
Doctor Level 2
Blacksmith Level 4
Woodworker Level 3 (In Boston)

Sequence 11 Homestead Missions
Doctor Level 3

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      • SUFIYAN SATKUT says

        hey…i hear that after completing the game all homestead missions are available !!! then we can update them…is that true ??!!!
        plz confirm !!! i am at 30%….and i need to start it again !!!!

        • Maryam says

          My brother finished the game and he is doing homestead missions don’t worry about that you can do them after you finished the game. Good luck

  1. Bob says

    Some of the missions you have put under the wrong sequence heading and the Woodworker level 3 is in New York and not Boston. I also know that some missions you have listed as summer only can in fact be done during the winter.

  2. k says

    In the article it says that level ups are sequence specific. Does this mean that If I have not completed said level ups in a given sequence I will never be able to get another chance (to include doing the missions after I completed the story line)? If that is the case, how was I supposed to know this?

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