Angry Birds: All 15 Golden Egg Locations

In Angry Birds for the iPhone and iPad, there are fifteen golden eggs hidden all around the game that you can collect to unlock various things.

Golden Egg 1 – On any level, pause and click the ?, the egg is on the white bird instruction screen
Golden Egg 2 – On Level 5-19, it’s in the upper right of the screen
Golden Egg 3 – On Level 2-2, break the beach ball
Golden Egg 4 – Get 3 stars in every level of Poached Eggs themes 1 through 3
Golden Egg 5 – Get 3 stars in every level of Mighty Hoax themes 4 through 5
Golden Egg 6 – On the main screen hit the i button and watch the credits, then tap the egg at the end
Golden Egg 7 – On Level 1-8, tap the treasure chest
Golden Egg 8 – Double tap the sun on the level select screen
Golden Egg 9 – On Level 4-7, zoom out you’ll see the egg in the top right corner
Golden Egg 10 – On level 6-14, pop the yellow balloon in the lower right corner beneath the treehouse
Golden Egg 11 – On theme 8’s level page, swipe to the left as if you were trying to navigate to theme 9
Golden Egg 12 – Get 3 stars in every level of “Danger Above” themes 6 through 8
Golden Egg 13 – On level 8-15, the egg is hidden under the slingshot platform
Golden Egg 14 – On level 9-14, you’ll see a hard hat on the bottom right, hit it with a boomerang bird
Golden Egg 15 – On level 10-3, hit the duck

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    • travic says

      if your using computer click and hold the chest then type open and if your using touchscreen just tap the chest until you get it

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