Alice – Madness Returns: Secret Trophies

Here are the unlockable secret trophies for Alice: Madness Returns on the PS3.

Check out my other guide if you’re looking for the full list of trophies for Alice: Madness Returns.

Death by Darjeeling (Bronze) – Acquire the Teapot Cannon
End of Innocence (Bronze) – Complete Vale of Tears
Grim Folly (Bronze) – Complete Wonderland Chapter 2
Ground Pork (Bronze) – Acquire the Pepper Grinder
Hatter’s Demise (Bronze) – Complete Wonderland Chapter 1
No Happy Returns (Bronze) – Back to Wonderland
Snicker-snack! (Bronze) – Acquire the Vorpal Blade
Strange Hobby (Bronze) – Acquire the Hobby Horse
The End of Daze (Bronze) – Complete Wonderland Chapter 5
The Harder they Fall (Bronze) – Complete Wonderland Chapter 4
Venting Frustration (Bronze) – Spend 7 minutes on steam vents
When Worlds Collide (Bronze) – Complete Wonderland Chapter 3

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